BMW 316I brush Essen ECU custom program, light throttle, super fast start

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bmw 316i brush essen ecu

In order to meet the needs of the market , BMW 3 Tie in 13 The model was adjusted in , Friends who pursue space can choose the extended wheelbase version , The pursuit of authentic driving fun can choose the standard wheelbase version , People with two different needs can choose the right model . However , BMW 3 The Department is not satisfied with this , It also takes into account that part of young friends with Limited car purchase budget . To meet their needs , At the same time, further expand their own market , They launched BMW with lower price threshold 3 Entry level model , Is today's protagonist BMW 316i.

BMW 316i The engine on the model is already very familiar , In fact, this model is N13B16A Of 1.6T Single turbine twin vortex tube turbocharged engine , From the book data alone , Its dynamic parameters don't look bright , Maximum power only 136 horsepower , The maximum torque is 220 cattle · rice .

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