Lutes technology landed in Wuhan! Three smart electric vehicles will be launched in five years

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lutes technology landed wuhan smart

8 month 31 Japan , Lutes technology company officially announced its landing in Wuhan , Lutes settled in Wuhan and announced that it would integrate China 、 The British 、 German R & D institutions and global resources , Build a super high-end pure electric intelligent vehicle for the global market , And for lutes group towards electrification 、 Intelligent transformation binneng .

( Renderings of lutes technology global headquarters )

At the founding ceremony , Lutes officially announced the five-year product plan , Announced that it would launch... Within five years 3 An intelligent pure electric product ,2022 year , The launch code is Type132 Of E level SUV ;2023 year , The launch code is Type133 Of E Level four door sedan ;2025 year , The launch code is Type134 Of D level “ A new species of pure electric intelligence ”.

( Lutes pure electric product matrix )

And will be in 2026 Launched a pure electric trot in , Including the current lutes UK pure electric super run EVIJA common 5 models , Together form the global pure electric product matrix of lutes group in the next five years .

Lutes wants to be 5 Achieve such a magnificent goal within this year , It's almost impossible to do it alone . obviously , In fact, there is no need to worry , At the founding ceremony of lutes , Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group, said : Geely Holding Group always adheres to open development , Respect the independence of each brand . And research and development around the world 、 Global sourcing 、 Global talents and other strategic aspects enable lutes technology in an all-round way , Create a new brand experience for lutes .

( Chairman of Geely Holding Group Li Shufu )

To understand in a popular way , Geely Holding Group will support the development of lutes in all aspects of the automobile industry chain , meanwhile , It will also respect and protect the independence of lutes brand .

In the field of intelligent driving , Lutes proposed “ Track level intelligent driving ” Concept , I hope in the next ten years , With the assistance of lutera intelligent driving , As long as you can get your driver's license , Can help the driver win F1 champion . Of course , Want to meet such a goal , In process Hardware - Software collaboration needs to be built at a higher level .

( Lotus Group CEO Feng Qingfeng )

In terms of product layout , In order to achieve ultra-high-end product positioning , Have a more intelligent driving experience , Lutes will launch an independently developed EPA Marginal evolutionary architecture , To meet the development needs of ultra-high-end pure electric intelligent vehicles .

According to the official statement ,EPA Architecture can be based on different needs , It can meet the wheelbase of the model at 2889-3100mm Fit between , And the flexibility to preserve space . Can support C+ level 、D level 、E Class and higher model development .

EPA Our high-voltage system adopts the industry's top 800V Three electric system , Can be carried 92-120kWh Electric quantity . Products built based on this architecture , It's easy to achieve 3 Zero hundred acceleration in seconds .

In this year 4 month , Lutes has released a sports car 、 Pure electric super run 、 Pure electric sports car 、 Four platforms for domestic vehicles , I believe that after the establishment of lutes Wuhan intelligent factory , Lutes' five-year product planning will also be promoted smoothly .

( Renderings of lutes Wuhan intelligent factory )

Display according to information , Wuhan smart factory is planned to 2021 Completed and put into operation within the year , With annual production capacity 15 Production capacity of 10000 complete vehicles , It is the first in the world to adopt the whole process 3D The factory of digital twin Technology .

Compound experience track is also set in the factory , Can meet the speed 、 drift 、 Testing and experience requirements of diversified products such as off-road . In terms of intelligence , After vehicle quality inspection , Driverless warehousing can be realized ; In warehousing and logistics , Realize the unmanned whole process 、 automation .

At this founding ceremony , Lutes technology and Weilai capital have recently signed an investment agreement , We will jointly explore the global industrial cooperation space , Provide users in the super high-end market with an extremely pleasant product and service experience . At the event , Li Bin, partner of Weilai capital management, attended the inaugural ceremony and delivered a speech .

( Weilai capital management partner Li Bin )

Wrote last , With the development of new energy vehicles , The Chinese market has become the center of the global new energy vehicle industry , It plays a significant role on the road of new energy , And it plays an important role in industrial reform . As a global high-end brand , Based on the Chinese market , Global development strategy , It will create a better travel experience in the future market competition .

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