Wuling Xingchen won the first place in the 2021 automobile quality reputation list and was personally tested by car owners

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Just the other day , Just bought Wuling star ( Parameter picture ) Soon I heard good news , Released by vehicle quality network “2021 Ranking of automobile investment sales ratio in ” in , Wuling stars with ten thousand 0.2 The sales volume of complaints is higher than that of , Become 2021 No. 1 in the annual automobile quality reputation list ! I remember seeing this news at that time , As the new car owner , The heart is also a shock , In an instant, I feel like I bought it right .

I'm a person who pays close attention to the quality of cars , I liked Wuling star in Wuling global silver standard series before , Look at the Wuling stars from 2021 year 9 After listing in January ,5 Last month, the sales volume exceeded 7 Ten thousand units , And got it C-NCAP“2021 Top ten car bodies in China ”、 Auto business review Xuanyuan Award “ Third place in intelligent voice cockpit ” Other awards , I think the gold content of each is very high , I value quality , So look in your eyes and keep it in your heart , So when I bought a car, I went to pick up the Wuling star .

Wuling star's selling price , Personally, I think it is very close to the people ,6.98w-9.98w The price of , Cost effective , The price is very comfortable , And as less than 100000 SUV, Compare the same price models you have driven , Its workmanship has been under quality control , I can feel it is very attentive .

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