The new generation of Range Rover Sport is launched in the world. It's time for the boss to change

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recently , All new Range Rover Sport ( Parameter picture ) Official release , The same as the new range rover , The all-new Range Rover Sport is also based on MLA-Flex Built from the luxurious electrified Architecture , A new look from the inside out , It is different from the new generation Range Rover in appearance design , Adopted a more radical sports design . The new car will be launched with 3.0T Pure fuel version and plug-in hybrid version based on in-line six cylinder engine , The top model will be equipped with... From BMW 4.4 L twin turbo V8 The engine . It is reported that , The price of the new car overseas is 84350 dollar ( renminbi 56.8 Ten thousand yuan ) rise , It is estimated that it will be introduced into the domestic market later , As a reference , The official guide price of cash Range Rover Sport is 90.80-189.80 Ten thousand yuan .

Range Rover Sport 90.80~183.80 ten thousand ( Refer to the closing price )

Check the model configuration |2054 Zhang high definition big picture inquires about the base price and offers special purchase

Dynamic shape

aesthetic , The front face layout of the all-new Range Rover Sport is different from that of the range rover , More emphasis on the sense of movement . The size of the front air grille of the new car is smaller than that of the previous generation , And both sides are also connected with the headlamp group , Highly integrated , Effectively stretch the visual width of the front , It looks very sporty .

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