With a budget of 100000 yuan, five cars suitable for weekend outings in cities are fuel-efficient and durable

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A car suitable for city walking and weekend outing , To be honest, basically every car can meet these two requirements , Otherwise, the car will really be bought for . But if you ask in the price 10 All around the , It is also required to save fuel, build resistance and strong comfort. It is a little difficult and needs to be looked for carefully , Today, I'd like to recommend several models suitable for such requirements , Save the trouble of choosing cars .

Honda fit

Fit can be said to be the existence of a divine car in the joint venture , It is not only fuel-efficient and durable , Hardly bad , There is no solution to the hedging rate , Maybe I just lost an insurance premium after opening for two years , Exaggerate . Appearance needless to say , Identification is very high , You can recognize it at a glance . The interior design is simple and practical ,8 Inch center control screen , Leather multi-function steering wheel , Rear magic seats , Can be completely flat , The space is large , It's very suitable for walking and traveling in the city , The utility rate is very high .

Active safety configurations such as ramp assist , Lane Assist , Front collision warning and passive safety configuration, such as side airbag and side curtain , Tire pressure alarm, etc. even L2 There are all levels of auxiliary driving , motivation : Pick up the 1.5 Naturally aspirated engine , The transmission is CVT The transmission , Comfortable handling , Power and fuel consumption are also excellent , While the power of the same level is very strong , It's also the most fuel-efficient .

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