The application drawing of Wuling star hybrid version has been exposed, and the appearance and interior decoration have not changed

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Wuling star ( Parameter picture ) The declaration information of the hybrid version has been exposed , The appearance, interior upholstery and dimensions have not changed much , The biggest bright spot is only one , It's a hybrid of oil and electricity HEV System . you 're right , It's the kind of hybrid that doesn't need to find a charging pile to plug in and charge , You can go with oil , As convenient as the fuel version , It's also more fuel-efficient than the fuel version …… After all, a large part of consumers who buy pure trams and plug-in hybrid models still choose because of the restriction of license plate conditions , If you have fuel car indicators in your hand , The vast majority will not give up fuel vehicles , But in the context of higher and higher oil prices , Choose a car that is more fuel-efficient and convenient HEV The models are more practical .

In recent days, , The application drawing of Wuling Xingchen hybrid model was obtained from the latest batch of application catalogue of the Ministry of industry and information technology , The appearance of the new car is basically the same as that of the fuel version , Adopted “ Wing movement aesthetics ” Design concept of , The front face is designed with large eagle wing medium mesh , Matching silver label LOGO Make it look very recognizable . The light group echoes with the grid , Merge into one , High configuration models will also use the integrated high and low beam LED headlight . The lines on the side of the car are dynamic and sharp , It is very fashionable with chrome decoration . The through tail lamp set is connected by a black trim strip , Stretch the visual width of the tail , At the same time the rear of the car HEV identification , It also shows its identity .

Optional in configuration 360 Panoramic image system 、 Front fog lamp 、 Daytime running light 、 Reversing radar 、 Reversing camera 、 Panoramic sunroof 、 Different styles of rims , And black film for door and window frame decoration . Its power is equipped with a set of 2.0LHEV Hybrid system , And equipped with ternary lithium ion battery , The manufacturer is Liuzhou Huating New Energy Technology Co., Ltd , among , Maximum engine power 100kW, It is consistent with the previous hybrid version of Capgemini .

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