Spy photos of Kia K3 modified model are exposed, and it is expected to be equipped with 1.5L natural suction

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recently , Netease automobile obtained a Kia share through relevant channels K3( Parameter picture ) Spy photos of the modified model , The overall appearance of the new car is very close to that of overseas, which was launched last year 4 Changes issued in January K3 models , More new models K5 Design idea , Exudes more youth and fashion . As a replacement model , It is expected that the new car will be improved and optimized in detail .

kia K310.98~13.18 ten thousand

Check the model configuration |1333 Zhang high definition big picture inquires about the base price and offers special purchase

aesthetic , From the spy photos exposed this time, it is not difficult to see , The front contour and some details of the new car are adjusted compared with the current models , The front face changed “H” Style of tiger roaring air intake grille , The headlights on both sides are also quite sharp , All are LED The light source , Make the visual effect of its front face more outstanding . Flat black trim strip at the lower part of the front bumper, etc , With cash K5 Very similar .

↑ The picture shows the overseas version of the new Kia K3

The body side , Chrome trim strips are added around the window , The aluminum alloy wheel hub under the new car is also quite awesome . besides , The front fender of a new car 、 Camouflage stickers are pasted on the door and rear fender , Therefore, it is difficult to judge other specific details .

The rear part of the car is also covered with camouflage stickers , But you can see that , The tail lights of the new car have changed significantly , It is expected that it may be adopted and brand new K5 The same design . The top of the trunk of the new car has a duck tail shape , The tail has a sense of hierarchy , Its tail is not expected to change much in profile , You may adjust its bottom surround .

motivation , It is expected that the new car will continue to carry 1.5L Inhale naturally with 1.4T Turbocharged engine , Refer to the cash model , The maximum output power is respectively 85kW and 96kW, The peak torque is respectively 144N·m and 211N·m, In terms of transmission system , Expected to match CVT Continuously variable transmission and 7 Fast double clutch gearbox .

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