Wuling new electric vehicle airev spy exposure, positioning the same as Hongguang miniev

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In recent days, , In the promotion catalogue of new energy vehicles of the Ministry of industry and information technology , Found Wuling new electric car AirEV The figure of .

From its body markings , The car is called “AirEV”, Positioning with Wuling Hongguang ( Parameter picture )MINIEV equally , All are micro pure electric vehicles , The difference is ,AirEV The size of the car body is smaller , Two seats are provided 、 Four seat model selection , The shortest car length is only 2599mm.

Battery and endurance , The new car has 200km、300kmCLTC Two endurance options , Battery capacity points 26.7kWh、26.5kWh、17.3kWh and 28.4kWh.

The new car has a standard wheelbase (1635mm) And long wheelbase (2010mm) Two versions . among , The standard wheelbase version has a rated passenger capacity of 2 position , The rated passenger capacity of the long wheelbase version is 4 position .

The length, width and height of the standard wheelbase version are 2599/1505/1631 mm , The length, width and height of the four seat version with long wheelbase are 2974/1505/1631 mm .

And in terms of motivation , Wuling AirEV Our performance is relatively strong , Start with 30kW Drive motor , Power level and Hongguang MINIEVGAMEBOY The version is flat . meanwhile , Also can choose 50kW Motor version , This power gets on the car , It is expected to directly make it into the ranks of small steel guns , Acceleration ability kills a crowd of street cars .

If you're careful enough , It can also be seen that it increases the window area of the second row , It is expected that the size should be increased , At the same time, the door handle is also designed at the connection of the side window , The atmosphere of the whole vehicle looks very unique , It seems that Wuling is going to play some new tricks . Although with Hongguang MINIEV It's also a mini scooter , But the media said , The car will be positioned better than Hongguang MINIEV Higher , So we guess that its price should not be low in the future .

Wuling brand new electric vehicle spy photo

The key is , It is said that the car will support fast charging , If so , We expect Wuling to have a larger battery pack , The message indicates , Its range will be 305 km , It's better than the entry-level Hongguang MINIEV More than doubled .

This is a typical short distance trip between the two places , Such as Shanghai and Suzhou , This distance is not long or short , Some are urban roads , Some are high-speed roads , So my suggestion is to buy an electric car with a larger range , The basic daily attendance cost is 10 Yuan +30 A passage fee =40, And if you choose a fuel car , Basic daily 100 God , A month 22 Heaven is 2200, At present, charging piles are quite popular in Shanghai and Suzhou , Whether it's a community or a public area .

Finally understand the appearance design logic of Wuling small electric ——— How ugly , How to get ! Wrong, ugly as personality . Aesthetics is also regular , You can't design something that's not beautiful, just make it ugly ?

I noticed the state of Wuling electric car when I was testing it at the gate , The outline is close to the shape and position of the lamp E200 perhaps nano, But it's a hood !

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