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The original title :“ Made in Japan ” I can't carry it

In recent days, , Japan's well-known enterprises have exposed fraud scandals again ,“ spirit of craftsman ” Become a joke . meanwhile , The depreciation of the yen has pushed up corporate costs , Manufacturing profits face great resistance . In successive difficulties , The glittering of the past “ Made in Japan ” The signboard has been covered with dust .

5 month 13 Japan , Bloomberg reports , Toyota predicted in the financial report that , Car sales will remain strong , However, the operating profit of this fiscal year may decline 20%, The reason is that logistics and raw material costs “ An unprecedented ” Rise .

Toyota believes that , The rise in costs far outweighs the benefits of the depreciation of the yen , this It's a problem for many other Japanese manufacturers .

Apart from financial difficulties , The reputation crisis has also hit the Japanese manufacturing industry one after another . In recent days, , The old brand enterprise Japan Steel Institute has exposed for up to 24 Years of data fraud . It makes people think ,“ Made in Japan ” Whether it is doomed to decline ?

Profitability is increasingly difficult

Affected by the obvious deviation between the loose monetary policy of the Bank of Japan and the tightening direction of major central banks in the world , The yen has fallen to... Against the dollar 20 Year low , Since last year 9 Since January, the decline has exceeded 18%, This makes Japanese enterprises feel uneasy .

Reuters at 4 A survey conducted in may found that , More than three-quarters of Japanese companies said , The yen has depreciated to the detriment of its business , Nearly half of the enterprises surveyed are expected to be hit by .

《 The New York times 》 Pointed out that , When Japan was a manufacturing superpower , The devaluation of the yen was worth celebrating , It makes Japanese exports cheaper , It increases the value of overseas income and attracts foreign investment . But now , The importance of exports to Japan's overall economy has decreased , Companies seeking to avoid trade restrictions and take advantage of cheap labor costs have begun to produce more products overseas , Thus reducing the impact of exchange rate on its profits .

The Bank of Japan 1 A report released in May showed , Although the weak yen continues to help the economy , But its positive impact on exports has weakened in the decade before the epidemic .

For lack of resources 、 For Japan, which is highly dependent on imported fuel and food , The depreciation of the yen pushed already high prices higher , Including raw materials for industrial production .

Although the weak yen may be seen as good for exporters , But the Nikkei Chinese website said , Supply constraints caused by the COVID-19 and higher resource prices exacerbated by the crisis in Ukraine , Japan's imports are expanding .

Senior economist at Sony financial group Hiroshi Watanabe Think :“ A weaker yen should benefit some export related industries , But as commodity prices rise , These industries are facing resistance , And Japanese domestic demand-oriented enterprises are also affected by import inflation .”

“ Toyota's weak performance guidance will have a considerable impact on the overall market , This shows that , In terms of annual performance guidelines , Japan's manufacturing industry as a whole may be in a difficult position .” Chief strategist of Lotte Securities Masayuki Kubota Express .

The survey results of Tokyo Commercial and industrial survey company show that , With the rising price of raw materials in Japan , Nearly 70% of enterprises failed to pass on the rising cost to the price of goods or services , Under the weak consumption caused by the epidemic , Enterprises Even if you want to raise the price , Also worried about the loss of customers . In service industries such as travel agencies and restaurants , There are many cases where the price remains unchanged even if it is difficult to make profits .

in fact , Japanese consumers have been used to stable prices for decades , Rising prices will upset them .

“ The depreciation of the yen is hitting the weakest link of the economy ”, The economist of Nomura comprehensive research institute, who once served on the policy committee of the Bank of Japan, said , family “ Faced with a rise in the price of each imported commodity ”.

However , BoJ policymakers currently refuse to make any policy adjustments to the depreciation of the yen .

Tohiko Kuroda, governor of the Bank of Japan 5 month 13 Japan reaffirms , As the Japanese economy is still recovering from the impact of the COVID-19 , The central bank will stick to its monetary easing plan .“ Although inflation is expected to rise to... In the short term 2% about , But this is affected by energy prices , Lack of sustainability drive . therefore , The central bank believes that , It is not appropriate to reduce the current monetary easing policy ”.

Fraud scandals continue

In addition to the difficult operation caused by macroeconomic and other factors , Recent scandals in Japan's manufacturing industry have continued .

According to the 《 Asahi shimbun 》 reports , Japan Steel Institute 9 The release of news said , The turbine related products manufactured by the company have data fraud , By the end of this year 2 The month has continued 24 years . It is reported that , The company repeatedly tampered the product data that did not meet the customer's requirements into qualified inspection data and then delivered the goods .

As report goes , To avoid delaying delivery time , When it is found that the product data does not meet the standard , The data required by the Japanese manufacturing department will be tampered with , Or change the measurement method or omit the measurement link during the inspection .

And just last month , Mitsubishi Electric, a well-known Japanese enterprise, was exposed to data fraud 40 year . This month, 6 Japan , The company is involved in two quality management certificates of the factory , Suspended by international certification body . It is worth noting that , Mitsubishi Electric has 6 The factory has problems such as quality inspection fraud , Relevant international certification certificates have been cancelled or suspended one after another .

“ If something goes wrong, bow and apologize ” It has become the of Japanese manufacturing “ Out of circle ” The scene .

stay 20 In the late 20th century , Japanese manufacturing once enjoyed a high international reputation , Superior product performance and reliable product quality make “ Made in Japan ” Invincible in the global market ,“Made in Japan” Equivalent to quality responsibility .

“ however , For a long time , The reform of the internal governance system of Japanese enterprises 、 Labor relations reform 、 The reform of shareholders and management has not been well solved , The craftsman inheritance spirit in Japanese corporate culture has changed with the last century 80 Since the s, internationalization has gradually changed .” Vice president of the national Japanese economic society 、 Chen zilei, director of the Japan economic center of Shanghai University of international business and economics, told 《 International financial bulletin 》 The reporter .

Global research expert of Bank of China 、 Tokyo Branch Wang Zhe was accepting 《 International financial bulletin 》 The reporter said in an interview , At present, Japan's manufacturing industry is faced with the United States 、 Product quality competition of Germany and other manufacturing powers , We should also deal with the cost performance competition of emerging manufacturing countries such as China . Especially with AI 、 big data 、 The era of the gradual rise of technological revolution such as the Internet of things , If the Japanese manufacturing industry cannot make technological and management changes to meet the development requirements of the new era , Unable to deeply reflect and effectively correct their stubborn diseases , Just lying under the halo of previous creation , Is bound to decline .

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