Have you ever been to these "sky cities" in China? The hand can grasp the cloud, which is thrilling and exciting. The beautiful scenery amazes the world!

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The city of the sky is not just Hayao Miyazaki's fantasy , In fact, it comes from the maiteola monastery complex in Greece .

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24 The temple stands on natural sandstone pillars , The towering rocks seem to lead to heaven , Those who look up to them are full of reverence .

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Actually , At home, there are no inferior “ The city of the sky ” People . Ancient villages built on cliffs , Secret and surprised , After thousands of years of precipitation, there are scattered old houses left .

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It's not easy to think , Need to shuttle on the narrow Cliff Road , No matter how dangerous the ancient road is 、 How hard it is to go up the mountain , How steep the rock is , See how soft your feet are , You always come to these places , See the beautiful scenery of fairyland with a sea of clouds , You'll know how valuable it is .

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The more difficult the road is , The more fascinating it is , The millennium old village hidden in the city. Are you ready to start when ?


anhui ・ Wood pear �{ The village

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Wood pear �{ It is a small mountain village built in the Ming Dynasty , It is also the ancient village with the highest altitude in Huizhou , Located on a ridge , Three sides in the air , The wind is strong , Known as the “ The most beautiful mountain village in Huangshan ”.

The road has not been built yet , Need to climb 800 Multiple steps to reach .

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Smart villagers turned their homes into home stays , The village follows the cliffs , Laid a bamboo plank road and viewing platform . Because of the unique terrain , Clouds often rise , When the weather is good , Push open the windows and doors at the top of the mountain and the sea of clouds will spread .

recommend Self driving route : Huangshan wood pear �{ Village Chengkan Village xidihong village Tachuan


guiyang ・ Yunshe village

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Stand tall 6500 Ten thousand years of Fanjing Mountain is not just high , It's a place with its own immortality ,“ mist ” It's normal , Even the small town at the foot of the mountain has been shrouded in clouds .

At the foot of the mountain Yunshe village has 700 Years of history , Surrounded by endless mountains , The clear Taiping River flows in the village .

chart @ Baoping

This “ The first village of Tujia in China ” Just like the Peach Blossom Land written by Tao Yuanming , picturesque scenery 、 The sun is just , There are no commercial bars .

Villagers can be seen everywhere drying grain and stocking ducks and geese , Smell the delicious food of each family . The viewing platform in the village can see the panoramic view of the whole village .

recommend Self driving route : Yunshe village, Shatong village, Fanjing Mountain Village, yamugou, Guiyang


Henan ・ Laojun Mountain

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Flying over the cliff , There is an abyss under your feet , Just look at it from a distance , It was so thrilling that my feet shook , It goes without saying how hot Laojunshan is , The real scene is more beautiful than the photo. Typically ,“ Go to the world for a surprise feast , A glimpse of the flourishing world .”

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The first section of the ropeway is a must , The entire 10 Minutes to reach the hillside , In the second section, you can choose to continue to ride for a few minutes to reach Yunding , You can also walk , If you walk, it's about... To Yunding cableway 4-5 Hours , Need to climb again 1 Hours of steps to climb the Golden Hall .

There are two Inns on the mountain , One of them is a cliff B & B , Beautiful view .

recommend Self driving route : Luoyang Sui Tang Ruins Park Luoyang Museum Shenzhou Peony Garden Laojun Mountain


Tibet ・ Zizhu temple

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This temple built on a magnificent Cliff , Will overturn your imagination of the world ! It is one of the highest temples in Tibet , Between the mountaintops, under a naturally formed rock , There is a forbidden peak in a martial arts novel .

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Built along the cliff , It's isolated , We need to take a route from the altitude 3000 M to 4800 Meters of cliff roads come here , The journey is bumpy and dangerous . But when I came , You will sigh that everything is worth it .

recommend Self driving route : Lhasa Namgabawa peak in Nyingchi, Bomi Ranwu lake, Changdu Zizhu temple


hunan ・ Furong Town

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Go to Hunan , Besides eating , We must not miss the good mountains, water and scenery in Western Hunan , It has a history of 2000 years 、 Furong Town, built on the cliff waterfall, is at night , It's very much like a dream castle .

chart @EJay Ajie

Start from Tusi square and follow the road signs towards the bottom of the waterfall , Through the waterfall, you can walk through Shiban ancient street from the other end to Tuwang bridge . If this fixed route encounters rain and sunny weather , You will see the beautiful scenery of fairyland surrounded by clouds .

recommend Self driving route : Huanglong cave Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Tianmen Mountain scenic spot Furong Town


yunnan ・ Baoshan stone city

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Located in the north of Lijiang City 110 Kilometers of Baoshan stone city , There are cliffs on three sides , A stone slope cuts straight into the Jinsha River , This is a really dangerous city . More than a hundred families live together on an independent mushroom shaped boulder , Village lanes are vertical and horizontal .

chart @ Take your time

The houses with white walls and grey tiles follow the mountain , Arranged in order , The folk customs are ancient and simple , The terrain creates this strange landscape under the combination of landscape and ancient city , I have to sigh that this is what the world should be like .

recommend Self driving route : Lugu Lake, Baoshan stone city, the first bay of the Yangtze River, Tiger Leaping Gorge, shangri la


Henan ・ Guoliang village

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Want to reach Guoliang village , We have to go through this manually developed hanging wall highway , I have to lament the wisdom of the ancients , It is possible to carve a highway open to traffic on such a cliff , This road is also called “ The ten most dangerous roads in the world ”、“ The Ninth Wonder of the world ”.

chart @Smile Lin

The entire 1.7 km , Scenic area buses can pass through , But drive carefully when you meet , After arriving at Guoliang scenic spot, you can walk to the viewing platform to see the hanging wall waterfall , Come here to experience the thrill of feisuo mountain , Enjoy the unique charm of nature and man-made .

recommend Self driving route : Guoliang village, Yuntai Mountain, Laojun Mountain


Zhejiang ・ Chenjiapu village

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This ancient village growing on the edge of the cliff has 600 Year history , It retains the most original style , Pioneer bookstore, one of the top ten most beautiful bookstores in the world, is hiding here , At an altitude 800 Meters of steep mountain village , When you open the glass door, you can see the continuous mountains and sea of clouds .

chart @theresa laugh

Sitting in the bookstore overlooking the mountains and clouds , By terraces 、 Bamboo forest 、 Surrounded by mountains , Feel the unique charm of this Yanyu town in the south of the Yangtze River .

recommend Self driving route : Hangzhou Damushan tea garden Songyang old street yangjiatang village chenjiapu village pioneer Bookstore Songzhuang village

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