Great Wall Cannon: the "locomotive" of pickup truck market

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In the past two years , Although China's auto market is not optimistic , But the pickup market has shown “ The scenery is unique here ” The scene of . Data display of CAAC ,2020 year 、2021 In, the sales volume of pickup trucks in China was 49 Thousands of cars and 55 Thousands of cars , Year on year growth 8.6% and 12.9%. and 2019 The annual pickup sales volume is 45 Ten thousand units , With a year-on-year decline 4.7%“ Ending up ”.

Analysts believe that , from 2019 In, it fell to rapid growth for two consecutive years , One side , And the whole country “ Lifting the ban on pickups ” More and more regions and cities are given , On the other hand, there have emerged in the pickup truck market that can drive the whole market segment “ Locomotive type ” About our products .


It is said that : The train runs fast , It's all on the front of the car . For any market segment ,“ Locomotive type ” Our products are of great industry and market significance .

2019 The Great Wall cannon was released in , Become the key to activate and boost the whole pickup truck market “ locomotive ”. such as ,2020 The sales volume of pickup trucks in China was relatively 2019 Increase in 4 Ten thousand units , In the same period, the sales of Great Wall guns increased 9.6 Thousands of cars , And become the sales champion of pickup truck market . You're welcome , The Great Wall cannon is a booster 2020 In, China's pickup truck market achieved positive growth “ Core power ”.


Thanks to the “ Multiplication ” conceptualization , In the past two years , The sales volume of Great Wall gun pickup truck has increased rapidly and steadily . Last week, , Great Wall cannon piccadi 30 Ten thousand pickup trucks officially went offline in Chongqing factory .


From the first great wall cannon to the 30 10000 vehicles off the line , The Great Wall gun pickup only used 2 Years and 8 Months time —— This has not only created the speed of pickup market sales “ myth ”, And it has also become the first sales breakthrough in China 30 10000 high-end pickup truck brands .

in fact , The rapid growth of Great Wall gun sales is only the meaning of the surface , And the deeper reason , Lies in the Great Wall gun pickup “ Locomotive type ” Product positioning and reference significance to the innovative categories of pickup truck market .

It takes a good blacksmith to make steel. . The outstanding performance of the Great Wall cannon is first of all the result of category innovation . In the past , In the hearts of Chinese people , Pickup is “ gray ” A new tool car , It is mainly the construction site and existing in the urban-rural fringe “ truck ”, under these circumstances , The strategy of each manufacturer to expand the market is basically focused on the improvement of product power and sinking channels . But the Great Wall pickup is acutely aware of “ Pickup multiplication ” There are great opportunities , So in 2019 In the third quarter of, the company took the lead in launching the passenger pickup Great Wall gun , And publish “ Make pickups popular ” The brand vision of .


in fact , Discovering opportunities is completely different from seizing them “ level “, The former is “ know ”, The latter is “ That's ok ”, Only by integrating knowledge with practice can we really win the market . The Great Wall cannon became the first passenger pickup truck brand , Great Wall Motors 20 The accumulation of pickup technology for many years and the perfect parts system are closely related .

such as , The definition of Great Wall gun pickup is much better than that on the market “ Ride ” The hardline SUV is more “ high ”. For example , The Great Wall cannon is equipped with adaptive cruise control in intelligent configuration 、 Automatic emergency braking , Pedestrian identification 、 Lane keep 、 Traffic sign recognition 、 Omnidirectional blind area monitoring and so on ; And equipped with a new generation of intelligent networking system , Can achieve AI Intelligent Voice 、 Intelligent travel 、 Intelligent driving control “ Full coverage ”.


besides , The Great Wall artillery and passenger pickup truck category continues to cultivate more market segments , It is also a very important reason for its success . Up to now , The Great Wall gun has launched a cross-country gun 、 Brigade mounted guns 、 artillery 、 Locomotive gun, etc .


In the first 30 At the Wantai offline ceremony , The Great Wall gun has also launched the passenger Gun Trailer Version and the commercial Gun Trailer Version , To better meet C6 The car demand of driver's license users .


The trailer version has powerful functions , Have C6 Towing qualification for driving , Equipped with 2.5 Ton Trailer qualification 、 Trailer power intake and trailer installation port , Can expand more use scenarios , Including transporting locomotives 、 Towing yacht 、 rv 、 Motorboats, etc . Adapt to the multi-purpose attributes of each circle , It also makes the Great Wall gun represent “ Passenger pickup culture ” To better shape .


Great Wall gun pickup truck is not only successful in the Chinese market , It is also highly praised in the global market . Up to now , The Great Wall cannon has been used on four continents around the world 50 Listed in more than ten countries , And become Australia ANCAP The first Chinese brand with five-star safety rating under the latest standard .

Written in the back : From zero to 20 Ten thousand units , The Great Wall cannon took two years , And from 20 Ten thousand sets arrive at 30 Ten thousand units , The Great Wall cannon only used 8 Months time . With the continuous innovation of products and the continuous enrichment of subdivided categories , Great Wall cannon “ The acceleration ” It's going to get faster and faster .

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