The good policies of pickup trucks continue, and the Great Wall artillery set sail again with 300000 units as a new starting point

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        This year is undoubtedly a year worth remembering for China's pickup industry !《 General technical conditions for multipurpose trucks 》5 month 1 Day of formal implementation , Pickup truck took the first step of identity transformation ; The general office of the State Council issued a document proposing the lifting of the ban on pickup trucks , For the first time, the state's emphasis on liberalizing pickup trucks into cities has risen from ministries and commissions to the level of the State Council ;C6 Driver's license online , There are laws to follow when towing pickup trucks on the road .

        Pickup industry ushers in favorable policies , Leading the wave of pickup truck utilization The Great Wall cannon , Also ushered in the third 30 A historic moment when 10000 vehicles went offline , Entering a new stage of development .

        Favorable policies continue to add weight   The future of pickup truck industry can be expected

        On the first day of May , What the market has been looking forward to for a long time 《 General technical conditions for multipurpose trucks 》 Formal implementation , This is the first technical standard for pickup truck in China , It is of great significance to the domestic pickup truck market .

        Standard documents are more accurate in product definition , The technical requirements are more clear , In the development direction, the multi-function of pickup truck is more prominent , It is conducive to connecting pickup trucks with minivans 、 Make a clear distinction between light trucks and other types of vehicles , It can not only improve product quality , Standardize the technical requirements of pickup truck , Make the industry enter a standardized and orderly development stage , It can also provide important technical reference for traffic management and law enforcement departments , Promote a wider lifting of the ban on pickup trucks , Promote the expansion of pickup truck market .

        According to the statistics , At present, the number of cities that have relaxed the restrictions on pickup entering the city has reached 70% above . And not long ago ,《 Opinions of the general office of the State Council on further releasing consumption potential and promoting sustainable recovery of consumption 》 It is clearly stated in ,“ Fine management of pickup trucks entering the city , Study further relaxing the restrictions on pickup trucks entering the city ”, The lifting of the ban on pickup trucks once again ushered in strong policy support . Further on 4 month 1 Japan ,C6 Driver's license online , Let consumers who love trailer travel have legal driving qualification , Pickups are often used as tractors , More dividends .

        Predictably enough , With the accelerated implementation of technical standards and other favorable policies , Users will enjoy higher quality pickup products , Pickup The car The scene will further cultivate and enrich , The main supplier and supplier of pickup truck market models Will be richer , The vitality of the whole market is further enhanced .

        Experts say , The expansion mechanism of pickup truck sales is not simply replaced by other automobile markets , More importantly, it is the increased purchase demand of passenger car users and the upgrading demand of commercial vehicle users , In the future, China's pickup truck market has millions of capacity expansion potential .

        Harvest 30 Wantai glory   Great Wall cannon leads the industry upward

        Continuous favorable policies , The pickup market is encouraged . As an industry leader , Great Wall artillery bravely assumes corporate responsibility , Lift the ban on pickup trucks 、 The introduction of pickup truck standards has played an important role in promoting . What's more difficult , The Great Wall cannon also created 2 Years and 8 Months 30 The brilliant achievements of 10000 units , Lead the wave of pickup truck utilization .

        The present , The domestic auto market is struggling to survive under the pressure of chip shortage and supply chain , The Great Wall cannon bucked the trend , Welcome to 30 A historic moment when 10000 vehicles went offline , Refresh again “ Great Wall cannon speed ”, To be the first breakthrough 30 10000 sets of Chinese high-end pickup truck brand . From zero to 30 The breakthrough of 10000 units , It is the Great Wall cannon that has long adhered to category innovation 、 The results of user co creation and globalization strategy .

        Since its birth , Great Wall cannon insists on category innovation , Build category brand with category leadership , Let the brand become the representative of the category , Make full use of leisure 、 There are two major categories of fashion business , Lead pickup 3.0 The era of multipurpose multiplication .

        From passenger gun 、 Commercial gun 、 Cross country gun 、 Vajra gun 、 artillery 、 Locomotive gun 、 Black bullet 、 Brigade mounted guns and other products have been launched one after another , To the National Association of artillery and fire car friends 31 A provincial team 、 Great Wall cannon APP 80 Thousands of fans 、 Six pickup schools , To the four continents of the world 50 Listed in more than ten countries , Great Wall cannon is really integrated with users all over the world , By CO creating 、 To build 、 share , Build a full scene pickup truck life , Create a pickup truck belonging to China Culture , And become the leader of Chinese brands going to sea .

        The implementation of favorable policies , It is bound to open up a new development situation of pickup trucks in China . Standing on the 30 On the new starting point of Wantai , The Great Wall will also be in a favorable environment , Continue to consolidate their own advantages , Promote the high-quality development of China's pickup industry , Lead China's high-end manufacturing to the world .

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