The new generation of Range Rover has a unique British temperament

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        Choose one SUV, Car owners want them to be comprehensive . The range rover administration has lived up to expectations , Is the SUV The English gentleman , Suit and tie 、 polite , It's perfect for attending all kinds of high-level occasions . With a dedication and focus , Supporters are all over the world , Even the queen of England brought Land Rover “ Car addiction ”.

        The front grille of the range rover has changed its more three-dimensional design in the past , It looks like a razor mesh , This flat style is very in line with the current aesthetic of consumers . The range rover has been carefully designed , The range rover has become the most exquisite in history 、 The toughest Land Rover .

       21 The executive body side of this range rover adopts the classic three main body lines , Make the car more smooth , The more integrated window design brings better contrast to the suspended roof . Hidden A、B、C The pillars have been continued . Suspended roof line 、 The waist line and underbody lines of the car body are clearly layered , Outline the sculptural body contour ; Seamless spliced side windscreens and bright black painted pillars , While highlighting the suspended roof design , It further improves the flexibility and elegance of the body lines

        The excellent comfort of the rear seats of the range rover , It gives people a sense of dignity . The front and rear seats are wrapped in leather , And filled with soft material , The design is very scientific . Sitting with proper support does not collapse , Especially in the waist position, ensure its softness without worrying about support .

       2021 European Range Rover genesis 3.0 We are committed to making the luxury of genuine leather get along well with the mud of the mountains , It's more serious than the sports version , Enough strength is not enough , It's better to be old enough . The executive version of the range rover is domineering and unassuming , Thick and elegant . Range Rover has always adopted the design of dual headlight sets , Preserve the tradition , Coordination and design of bumper and aluminum trim , Extra glamour , It shows his status and fashion style everywhere , Land Rover seems to be like “ noble ” Two word correlation , And there is natural pride in my bones .

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