Rivian lost $1.6 billion in a single quarter: the market value fell by $100 billion, and Ford reduced its holdings

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RedI network Lei Jianping 5 month 13 Reported Wednesday

Electric vehicle company Rivian Recently released the financial report , Results show that ,Rivian stay 2019 year 、2020 No annual revenue , stay 2021 Annual revenue is 5500 Thousands of dollars ; The net losses are 4.26 Billion dollars 、10.18 Billion dollars 、46.88 Billion dollars .


Rivian stay 2022 In the first quarter of, the revenue reached 9500 Thousands of dollars , Net loss is 15.93 Billion dollars ; No revenue in the same period last year , Net loss is 4.14 Billion dollars .


By 2022 year 3 month 31 Japan ,Rivian The cash and cash equivalents held are 164.32 Billion dollars , The cash and cash equivalents in the same period last year were 181.33 Billion dollars .


Rivian stay 2022 Delivered... In the first quarter of 2013 1227 car .Rivian call , since 2021 Since its production in the autumn of , Has produced 5000 An electric car , Include R1T Pickup 、R1S SUV And a product for Amazon called EDV 700 Our electric delivery truck .

According to the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) According to documents , Ford Motor 2022 year 5 month 9 Per share 26.8 The price of US dollars is on sale Rivian800 Ten thousand shares , Total transaction amount 2.14 Billion dollars .

As of today ,Rivian The share price is about 24.3 dollar , Up from the previous day 18%, Market value 218 Billion dollars .

Cumulative fund-raising 200 Billion dollars


Rivian Known as Tesla's biggest competitor , Focus on electric pickup trucks Rivian R1T And electric SUV Rivian R1S.

Pure electric pickup truck R1T All four wheels can be driven independently , Use the difference between the tires on both sides , So as to turn in place , This way of turning is also known as “ Tanka turns ”.

Rivian since 2019 Many times of financing have been completed since , The accumulated fund-raising has exceeded 100 Billion dollars .

among ,Rivian stay 2019 year 2 Led by Amazon in June 7 Billion dollars , Ford is in 2019 year 4 Monthly investment 5 Billion dollars .Cox Automotive In the same year 9 Monthly direction Rivian Invested 3.5 Billion dollars .

2020 Before the Spring Festival ,Rivian Raised money from investors again 13 Billion dollars .

2020 year 7 month ,Rivian a 25 Billion dollars in new financing ,T. Rowe Price Group Lead investment ,Soros Fund Management LLC、Coatue、Fidelity and Baron Capital Group Participate in , Amazon and BlackRock Also participate in follow-up investment .

2021 year 1 month ,Rivian a 26.5 Us $100 million financing , from T.Rowe Price Lead investment , Other investors include Fidelity、 Amazon's climate commitment Fund (Amazon's Climate Pledge Fund)、Coatue and D1 Capital Partners.

2021 year 7 month ,Rivian announce 25 Us $100 million financing , Investors include Amazon 、 ford 、T. Rowe Price.

Rivian2021 year 11 Listed on NASDAQ in the United States , The issue price was 78 dollar , issue 1.53 Million shares , The total amount raised amounted to 119.34 Billion dollars .

Rivian Of IPO yes 2021 The annual scale is the largest IPO, It is also the sixth largest in the history of US stocks IPO.

Calculate the closing price on the third day of listing ,Rivian The market value will reach 1108 Billion dollars . At the beginning of the market ,Rivian The highest market value is even close to 1500 Billion dollars , Surpass the public 、 BMW, etc , Become the third car company in the world by market value .

however , Listed only half a year ,Rivian The market value has fallen by more than $100 billion .


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