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The original title : The financial report is profitable Transformation standard Nissan has a double happiness

5 month 12 Japan , Nissan announced 2021 The fiscal year (2021 year 4 month 1 solstice 2022 year 3 month 31 Japan ) And 2021 The fiscal year Q4 Financial report of , Although in summary , This fiscal year “ Affected by the continuous spread of COVID-19 、 There is a shortage of chips 、 The impact of external factors such as rising raw material prices ,2021 The business environment in the fiscal year is full of challenges . Facing these challenges , Nissan has consolidated its business foundation 、 Improve sales quality 、 Launch new models and other measures , Continue to make steady progress ‘Nissan NEXT Enterprise transformation plan ’“.

however , Nissan 2021 The profitability of the fiscal year increased significantly year-on-year , After three fiscal years , Nissan in 2021 Return to profitability in the fiscal year , The annual operating profit is 3605 Billion yen ( about 187 RMB ), The operating profit margin is 3.7%, The net income is 2155 Billion yen ( about 111.8 RMB ), Realized 2% Operating profit margin .

More Than This , Nissan also submitted 2022 Financial year expectations , The operating profit is expected to reach 250 Billion yen (131.5 RMB ). Regarding this , Seiji Uchida, CEO of Nissan Motor Company (Makoto Uchida) Express :“2023 Fiscal year is the company ‘Nissan NEXT’ The last year of the enterprise transformation plan , therefore 2022 Fiscal year is very important to us . Facing a more challenging business environment , We are confident to realize the enterprise transformation plan , At the same time, ensure that Nissan remains a healthy company 、 Flexible enterprise , Be able to... In any business environment , Maintain stable financial and profitability , Achieving sustainable growth . Nissan will continue to make steady progress in the world ‘Nissan NEXT Enterprise transformation plan ’, stay 2023 Fiscal year achieved 5% Operating profit margin ”.

In the wake of 2021 The financial statements for the fiscal year are published , Nissan today (5 month 13 Japan ) In Yokohama, Japan, it officially announced a four-year ““Nissan NEXT Enterprise transformation plan ” Medium term progress .

2020 year 5 month , Nissan has officially released “Nissan NEXT Enterprise transformation plan ”, Its core purpose is to complete the rationalization of production capacity 、 Optimize operations 、 Give priority to the core market , And focus on core models and core technologies , At the same time, restore the vitality of the business foundation .

And after four years of implementation , Nissan has achieved “ Global capacity reduction 20%; Reasonable optimization of global product line 15%, And put more resources into more competitive models ; The global management structure is simplified into four core markets ; Reduced the appointment 181.5 Fixed cost expenditure of 100 million yuan , It is higher than the original target 17%” Of “ Rationalization ” Action .

meanwhile , Nissan also reached : Driven by core products and technologies , The company is in the core market ( The United States 、 Japan 、 China and Europe ) The long-term growth of has established the foundation of sustainable development ; stay 18 Within months 12 New models , Among them, Nissan Ariya It has opened a new chapter for Nissan's technological innovation and the development of electric vehicles ; Improve business quality , Net income from cycling has increased 18%, Help companies in 2021 The fiscal year achieved 2% Operating profit margin “ Priorities and priorities ” Improve the operation quality .

And in the “ Lay the foundation for promoting future growth ” aspect , Nissan “ Continue to implement the enterprise purpose 、 diversified 、 Equal and inclusive cultural transformation initiatives , Strengthening corporate governance , Practice sustainable development ; Release 2050 Annual carbon neutral targets and ‘ Nissan 2030 vision ’(Nissan Ambition 2030); adopt ‘ union 2030 vision (Alliance 2030)’, To 2026 year , The utilization rate of common platforms among alliance member companies has increased to 80%; Established in the UK ‘ nissan EV36Zero Electric drive ecosystem ’ Committed to creating 360 Zero emission solution ; Fully open ‘ Nissan smart factory ’(Nissan Intelligent Factory), Produce the next generation of models , Help the company to 2050 Achieve carbon neutrality in global manufacturing plants .

Gupta, chief operating officer of Nissan (Ashwani Gupta) In this regard :“ Facing the severe market environment and fierce competition , The company's ‘Nissan NEXT Enterprise transformation plan ’ It has been successfully implemented for more than half and achieved satisfactory results . We will make further efforts on this basis , Continue to create more value and achieve sustainable profitability .”

stay “Nissan NEXT Enterprise transformation plan ” After the phased summary of , Then comes the development goal of the next stage , These goals include :

to 2026 year , The proportion of electric drive vehicles increased to 40%;

Develop low-cost cobalt free lithium-ion batteries for the next generation of pure electric vehicles ;

2024 In fiscal year, a pilot plant was built in Yokohama, Japan , Production of Nissan's original all solid state battery (ASSB);

The electric vehicle hub (EV Hub) The model extends from Britain to Japan 、 Core markets such as China and the United States ;

At the Canton automobile factory in Mississippi (Canton Plant) Produce two new pure electric models ;

adopt 4R Energy Co., Ltd (4R Energy Corp.) In the U.S. 、 Special facilities set up in Europe and Japan , Expand the reuse capacity of electric vehicle batteries ;

to 2026 The fiscal year , Nissan and Infiniti will have more than 250 Ten thousand vehicles carry ProPILOT Super intelligent driving technology ;

to 2020 The mid - , Promote the latest assisted driving technology , Including the next generation lidar that can effectively avoid the risk of collision (LIDAR) technology .

Of course , Accompanied by , And what Uchida Cheng mentioned , Nissan will continue to develop its corporate culture , Strengthen support for employees and maximize the potential of each employee , Promote innovation and enrich consumers' lives .

He said :“ The company's employees are Nissan's biggest advantage , It's empowering society 、 Help the company get the impetus for long-term development .“

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