Rivals lock Audi Q4 e-tron, BMW ix1 released within the year_ Design_ xDrive_ Official map

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The original title : The opponent locked Audi Q4 e-tron, BMW iX1 Released within the year

With the continuous expansion of the sales share of the global pure electric vehicle market , BMW is also actively expanding its pure tram product camp .

After the successful launch of BMW iX3、iX、i4、i7 as well as i3 After the pure electric version , With the help of BMW X1 New generation opportunity , BMW will launch an entry-level compact pure electric vehicle at the same time SUV—— BMW iX1. New generation BMW X1(U11) and iX1 In terms of product positioning and Design , There will be something similar to BMW X3 and iX3 The relationship between .

at present , BMW officials have announced a batch of BMW in advance iX1 Climate road surveyor map of prototype vehicle in alpine area . Although the BMW in the official picture iX1 The prototype still wears the disguise of the test vehicle , But its design has been finalized , It won't be long before it's officially released .

Shape aspects , The upcoming new generation of BMW X1 Will and BMW iX1 Use the same design language to create . Compared with the new generation X1, BMW iX1 There will be a slight difference in the design of China open . in addition , Some detail areas are also decorated with blue elements . This is similar to BMW X3 and iX3 The difference between .

From the appearance details and body lines exposed in the road test spy photos , New generation BMW X1 and iX1 In the style of appearance, it will also be more inclined to be more ferocious 、 Muscular style , This is related to the design style shift of BMW brand .

The interior , In view of BMW's upcoming new products will be updated with the latest iDrive 8.0 System , So including : Modified BMW 3 system 、X1、iX1 , , Will be unified to replace the integrated dual screen design . New generation BMW X1 and iX1 The interior design layout of can refer to the new generation of BMW 2 system Active Tourer, The two designs will be very similar .

In terms of size , New generation BMW X1 Still based on BMW's latest hybrid platform FAAR(UKL Platform upgrade ) make , The size will also be larger than the current model . A new generation of standard axis version X1 The length of the car body is expected to be 4.6 rice , The wheelbase is expected to be 2.7 rice . The long axis version made by brilliance BMW is a new generation of BMW X1 The wheelbase is expected to exceed 2.8 rice .

Dynamic part , New generation BMW X1 It is expected to continue 1.5T Three cylinder and 2.0T Four cylinder engine . BMW iX1 Will continue to use BMW's fifth generation eDrive Motor technology , And early launch BMW iX1 eDrive20 and BMW iX1 xDrive30 Two power models . Both cars are equipped with rare earth free motors , among ,iX1 eDrive20 Single motor layout for rear drive ;iX1 xDrive30 The front and rear motors are double , And use electric xDrive All-wheel-drive system , Integrated maximum power output 270 horsepower . by the advices , BMW iX1 Expected to carry 74-80 kWh Ternary lithium battery pack with high capacity . stay WLTP By standard , BMW iX1 The maximum range is 413-438 km .

As a luxury compact class in China at present SUV The best selling product on the market , New generation BMW X1(U11) It will be officially released in the third quarter of this year , And BMW iX1 Will follow .

Competitive products , With the current pure electric SUV Rapid development of the market , BMW iX1 In fact, there are many competitive products , Including the hottest Tesla on the market Model Y outside . The upcoming FAW - Volkswagen Audi Q4 e-tron Beijing Benz, which is already on the market EQA( The guided :32.18-36.58 Ten thousand yuan )、EQB( The guided :35.18-43.78 Ten thousand yuan ) All belong to their competitors . however , In terms of pricing and comprehensive product power , Beijing Benz, whose price is not directly proportional to product power EQA、EQB Should not be able to compete with BMW iX1 Form a competition .iX1 The biggest enemy of should still be FAW - Volkswagen Audi Q4 e-tron. Return to Sohu , To view more

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