It's not just electric Mercedes Benz E. interpreting Mercedes Benz EQE_ Model_ e-tron_ flagship

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The original title : It's not just an electric Mercedes E Interpretation of Mercedes Benz EQE

It's not just an electric Mercedes E Interpretation of Mercedes Benz EQE

As the pace of electrification is faster and faster , Traditional giants are also gradually accelerating the layout of new energy models , Take big brother Benz as an example , except EQC、EQB These oil to electric models , Flagship pure electric car EQS It has also been listed in China for nearly half a year , Not long ago, it also released SUV Electric flagship in the field ——EQS SUV.

In the new automobile era , It's a good strategy for Mercedes Benz to show all aspects of the brand's strength with its flagship models , It is also conducive to slowly decentralizing these concepts and technologies and infiltrating them into other models , And the new Mercedes Benz EQE Is the first lucky person to benefit from the flagship . And EQS Compared with the positioning of millions , This electric “E level ” Being closer to the people is also destined to be more generous , most important of all , In the future, it will meet you as a domestic product , So many people are still looking forward to . As for whether it can meet everyone's expectations ? Today, let's explain this car .

#EQE Comprehensive product strength

According to the plan of Mercedes Benz , In the future electrification strategy, it will be divided into EVA2 Large luxury pure electric platform and MMA Small and medium-sized pure electric platform , The positioning of this medium and large car EQE And big brother EQS The same was born from EVA2 platform . In terms of size , Mercedes EQE Body length ratio EQS It's about 280mm, But the wheelbase is only shortened 90mm, Originally EQS It has the shape of almost a hatchback , So the front and rear overhangs are shorter EQE This visual effect is even more important , Of course, the smell of sedan running is also stronger .

As for the front and rear design ,EQE It's like from EQS Copy and paste it on , It's just EQE The through light belt at the front of the car is cancelled , The daytime running lights change to X shape ,260 Megapixel digital headlights still support optional . The tail shape doesn't have any intention , The through lamp set is exquisite enough , The small tail wing on the rear compartment adds sportiness .

EQE The interior of the car is also copied from big brother EQS The design of the , Not only shocking Hyperscreen The one-piece big screen is perfectly preserved , Even the air outlet of the air conditioner is completely consistent with the control area of the central armrest , But if you look carefully, you will find ,EQE The handrail on the door panel is not as good as EQS So advanced , Its design is similar to Mercedes Benz C Level is very similar .

It is worth mentioning that , Mercedes EQE The interior also offers another option , The second car layout is equipped with conventional full LCD instrument and suspended central control screen , And canceled the co pilot screen , Looks like Mercedes Benz S And C Level is very close to , The sense of technology has weakened .

motivation , According to the current news , In the future, it will be made in Beijing Benz EQE Will focus on 350 This model ( Overseas named EQE 350+), The model is equipped with maximum power 292 Horsepower rear permanent magnet synchronous motor ,0-100km/h Acceleration time is 5.6s, The total capacity of the battery pack is 90.6kWh,WLTP The range under working conditions can reach 660km. In addition, it also provides 407 horsepower EQE 500 4MATIC models , If you pursue the ultimate athletic performance , Later there will be 475 horsepower AMG EQE 43 4MATIC and 625 horsepower AMG EQE 53 4MATIC+ Models are optional .

# Pricing analysis and competitors

Mercedes EQE Although the suffix of the name is “E”, But in fact, from the comprehensive performance of the model itself ,EQE and EQS The gap is far from Mercedes Benz E Level and S The level gap is so big , Of course, the corresponding , In terms of price ,EQE and EQS The price gap is bound to narrow .

Besides , Old rivals BMW and Audi are certainly not willing to show weakness , BMW i3、i4 At present, they have been listed in China , With Mercedes EQE Directly competitive i5 It is also expected to appear in the year , From flagship i7 In terms of various technical equipment , future i5 Our strength can't be underestimated . As for the audi , Benchmarking Benz EQE Of A6 e-tron The mass production version is also expected to be launched this year , Refer to the widely acclaimed A6 e-tron Concept car , If such excellent overall design can be continued after mass production , It is estimated that it will also be beneficial to EQE Cause some pressure .

Conclusion : In fact, I'm familiar with Mercedes Benz EQS after ,EQE The arrival of did not have too many surprises , Whether it's design or pricing , All maintained EQS The operation of . Compared with other traditional luxury brands , Mercedes EQE The biggest advantage of is to seize the opportunity earlier 、 Entered this market segment earlier , But in the face of many strong enemies of domestic brands , Mercedes EQE Is the brand aura still useful ? If the price is really set at 60 Ten thousand yuan , What kind of choices will consumers who vote with money make , You can look forward to it . Return to Sohu , To view more

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