Red flag's first MPV was exposed, with a wheelbase of 3.2m and a second kill of Buick GL8

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The long-awaited first red flag MPV, Now we finally have further exposure parameters !

The spy photos of this car have been exposed before , From the outside Ta Or family style , Including the straight waterfall air inlet grille involved , In the red flag H9 A similar look can be found on , Just because MPV Its own size advantage , So this one looks more domineering . But this family style of design , Usually don't give too many surprises , Therefore, the most eye-catching style is generally on the lamp group . The top of the headlamp and the frame of the grille LED The light band is integral , According to the initial message, this light band will surround the whole grid , That is, other people's daily lights are only part of the light group , But the red flag is the re of the whole grid “ decorate ”.

The side body is a classic slide form , The looming waistline runs through the front and rear of the car . The rear of the car is a through tail lamp , And chrome strips . The light set is very similar to the front face , It is also a vertical structure . But on such a huge body , A little mediocre . There is a place to hang the number plate below , The codes on both sides of the vehicle are indicated by the text on both sides of the vehicle , This is D still Q start , Or is it 4 still 8, This picture is really not clear .

MPV The most important thing must not be the appearance, but the configuration , But so far we have only one unconfirmed interior picture , Except for the red flag on the steering wheel logo It can be seen that Ta In addition to our products , There is no further news .

however , The size of the car has now been fully exposed , The length, width and height are respectively 5222/2005/1935mm, The wheelbase 3.2 Meter only , This number can kill Buick directly GL8 Of . In especial Ta Width , Determines the lateral adjustment of the second row .

Of course ,Ta The driving force of is also exposed with the outflow of declaration information . Many people speculated that such a big car , Or positioning high-end , Should be able to choose 3.0T The engine . However, at present, only 2.0T edition , Models for CA4GC20TD-35 type , power 185Kw( The actual maximum net power is 180Kw).

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