GAC Toyota's auto sales rose from January to April

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As an industrial complex , Because of the huge supply chain system , Therefore, the impact is magnified exponentially , It's like a shortage of chips , It still puzzles many automobile manufacturers .

But the more difficult the environment is , The more you can show the comprehensive strength of an enterprise . Like GAC Toyota , Although the environment is not ideal , But GAC Toyota is still rising both in production and sales . It will be announced by the Federation 2022 year 4 Monthly car sales data show , GAC Toyota's retail and wholesale sales volume entered the top three in the sales list of auto enterprises for the first time , The wholesale sales volume won the first place of the joint venture car enterprise ;1-4 The monthly cumulative sales data reached 315,534 car , Year-on-year growth 15.2%.

Excellent production and marketing data show , GAC Toyota has made great efforts to ensure a stable supply chain system , Even if there is a shortage of chips , It can still allow the normal delivery of vehicles under the brand . however , Excellent production and marketing data are also inseparable from the high recognition of consumers , It is precisely because GAC Toyota directly benchmarked Toyota's best factory , And keep improving the quality of vehicles , Therefore, GAC Toyota's products in terms of durability and value preservation rate , Have done well , Its low daily use cost , It also makes consumers more recognize GAC Toyota .

As a pioneer of hybrid models ( Parameter picture ), Gac Toyota 1~4 The sales volume of hybrid models reached 68,285 platform , Proportion 21.6%, Excellent sales results , Once again, the hybrid position of GAC Toyota has been consolidated . In order to conform to the development of the times , GAC Toyota has also launched a product based on e-TNGA Built by architecture bZ4X, And has opened pre-sale , As the later stage is more based on e-TNGA The model of the architecture is on the market , I believe we will see an electrified and dynamic GAC Toyota .

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