Changan Ford Highlander 2.0T fuel version is expected to be available in 2022

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In a twinkling of an eye 2022 One third of the year has passed , In many new cars SUV Continue to be hot, abnormal , Surprises keep coming , Let many car owners call their car early .

So this issue has been sorted out 3 A blockbuster new car coming on the market , They can not only be used at home , Self driving travel , And on the basis of large space, it also has a high appearance value , Anyone who buys a car must pay attention .

The first modern paristi ( Parameter picture )

This car is currently sold in China as an original import ,29.88 Wan to 32.98 The price of 10000 yuan is also very sincere . In order to strengthen the market competitiveness of this model , The medium-term reform of Paris emperor came into being . Compared with the current model, the new car can be said to be a new look , It is expected that the Chinese market will also be introduced this year .

The appearance design has been greatly adjusted , The area of the front grille has increased , And it tends to be more rectangular , Internal treatment with chrome trim , A hard, armor like shape , The side lines are mainly hard , Full of masculinity , It gives us the feeling of being a special tough guy .

Privacy glass 、 Exquisite body lines 、20 The inch multi spoke hub not only looks very masculine , And the details are particularly exquisite .

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