The maximum price reduction is 90000. It's worth buying five models. Don't miss friends who want to buy a car recently

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The recent car market is not peaceful , Just take the one that just passed 4 In the month of , China's auto production and sales decreased significantly , Finish separately 120.5 Thousands of cars and 118.1 Thousands of cars , Month on month declines 46.2% and 47.1%, The production and sales volume is near 10 Monthly low in the same period since . But even so, it will not delay the launch of a large number of new cars , This makes the car market with poor sales even worse , But from another angle , For consumers, lack of is a rare good thing , The sluggish sales in the auto market coupled with a large number of new cars on the market , Forcing many stock models to slash prices to boost sales . Today, let's take stock of several models with a price reduction of more than 9 Thousands of cars , If you want to buy a car recently, don't miss it , Maybe this is the closest you've been to your favorite car , Seize the opportunity to start .

Volvo XC60 The guided :37.39-47.49 Ten thousand yuan

Dealer quote 29.59-39.69 Wanjiang 7.80 ten thousand

Appearance of the forward , The headlights of Thor hammer are also very cool , Highly recognizable . The car's refreshing and concise style without losing the sense of luxury makes people feel particularly comfortable . Equipped with air purification system , Even a new car doesn't smell , The materials used are absolutely second to none in the same class , A lot of soft bags and wooden decorative strips decorate , It looks very textured . Beautiful crystal bar and 12.3 Inch full LCD dashboard 9 Inch screen with built-in native Google Android system , Support Huawei application system 、 Speech recognition function , Make the car full of scientific and technological atmosphere .

There is an urban security system in the configuration , Pedestrian and road traffic sign recognition , Take the initiative to brake , Fatigue driving reminder , Forward and aft parking radar , Reverse brake assist ,L2 Level automatic driving assistance system and collision prevention system, etc , The function configuration is perfect . motivation , The whole line is equipped with 2.0T Turbocharged engines and 48V Light mixed system , Transmission side match 8 Speed automatic transmission . Dynamic energy , When you want to overtake and change lanes, you can do whatever you want .

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