Ruilan automobile: cold and power exchange strategy in the C-end Market

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last year , stay “ Smart Geely 2025” At the Strategy Conference ,“ Power exchange trip ” Geely has officially incorporated it into the category of future strategy . Less than half a year , This year, 1 month 24 Japan , With the help of “ Ruilan automobile ” Release , Geely has officially demonstrated its determination in the power exchange industry .

today , Ruilan automobile is close to its establishment 4 Months , In terms of sales performance , Ruilan automobile 3 Total sales in the month 2008 car ; Cumulative sales in the first quarter 5309 car . According to insiders , While sales are rising , Ruilan automobile 3 The monthly order volume has exceeded 10000 , achieve 11298 car .

As a brand new , The rapid growth of Ruilan's sales is due to the blessing of maple leaf's existing products .

Although Ruilan automobile has absorbed the products of maple leaf automobile , It confirms the failure of Geely's multi brand pure electric strategy in the first stage of electrification exploration , But in the new brand “ A makeover ” Next ,3 The rapid launch of this product , For the rapid growth of Ruilan's sales , Played a crucial role .

Riding on the spring breeze of the initial improvement of the market , Ruilan automobile innovates the three models of maple leaf automobile , On 5 month 13 A new product was launched again on the th —— Ruilan X3Pro, In order to accelerate the product layout in the market and win the first mover advantage in the power exchange market .

But here's the thing , Whether it's the previous Maple Leaf series , Or Ruilan, which is now newly listed X3Pro, Geely did not follow the example of Weilai and other power changers, which generally carried out too many original designs for new cars . Ruilan, which is separated from the maple leaf product system X3Pro, From design 、 Configuration to power performance , Like other products of Ruilan, it still shows a little rules and regulations .

In terms of design concept , The new car not only inherits the vision greatly in size X3( Parameter picture )Pro Design concept of , At the same time, similar to maple leaf is adopted at the rear of the car 30X Design style of . Although it shows a certain sense of movement through family design concept and some blackened style , But from the overall shape of the product , Compared with the present C Mainstream with excellent performance in the end market SUV In terms of products , Ruilan X3Pro Not brilliant .

The same product concept is also reflected in the interior configuration and power performance of the new car , The more moderate style of through central control screen and the biggest 113 horsepower 1.5L The engine , Compared with products at the same level, it lacks core competitiveness .

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