Geely's sales fell 25% in April, and new energy broke out across the board

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recently , Major car companies have announced 4 Monthly sales figures , Because of the impact of epidemic prevention and control, shutdown and so on , The sales volume of most auto companies fell , Poor performance , Of course, there are also very few car companies to become market winners .

4 Monthly sales 7.2 Thousands of cars , Ranked second in the market

4 month , Geely passenger car sales 72,153 car , A fall 28%. This year, 1-4 Monthly cumulative sales 398,177 car , A fall 8%,1-4 The monthly cumulative sales volume ranks first in the independent camp . At first glance, Geely , No matter how small 7.2 Wholesale sales of 10000 vehicles , still 28% The extent of decline , It's not good-looking . But in fact , This achievement is in the overall car market , In fact, it is valuable .

Because Geely's sales are not high , The sales volume of other car companies is not high , Geely fell year-on-year , Other auto companies have plunged even harder .

In mainstream car companies , In addition to one sword, BYD achieved positive year-on-year growth , Other mainstream car companies were basically wiped out . The last sales crown FAW - Wholesale sales of Volkswagen plummeted 62%; The sales volume of SAIC Volkswagen, the second runner up in the last sales volume, fell directly out of the previous 10,4 The terminal sales volume in January was only 3 Thousands of cars , fell 72.3%; On General Motors 4 Sales also fell out of the previous month 10, The wholesale sales volume of that month was only 5 Ten thousand units , A year-on-year slump of more than 57%, Retail sales are even more modest 2.4 Ten thousand units . Dongfeng Honda 、 Gac Toyota 、 Dongfeng Nissan and other mainstream Japanese wholesale sales plummeted by more than 30%. First line autonomy , Changan Auto sales fell more than 45%, Great Wall Motors fell more than 40%.

In short, the market competition is like a big wave washing sand , move forward , or you 'll fall behind . however , If everyone else returns 100 Step , You just returned 50 Step , You win . therefore , Geely Automobile although 2 Sales fell in January , But because others fall harder , As a result, Geely's actual market share is still rising , The ranking is also improving .4 In January, Geely's wholesale sales volume was second only to BYD , Ranked second in the market , Not only more than two people 、 Two common 、 Two Toyota 、 Two Honda, etc , It also surpassed the two old rivals of the great wall and Chang'an , It has won the highest ranking since Geely started its business . In the face of such an achievement , Whether Li Shufu , Or an Conghui , It must be very gratifying .

The proportion of high value-added products increased steadily

geely 4 Another highlight of the month , It's just that the unit price of the car is increasing , The proportion of sales of high value-added products is increasing . In fact, in the past few years , Geely has been carrying out cage replacement and product upgrading , Gradually stop production or dilute some low-end low value-added models , Increase the sales proportion of medium and high-end or high value-added models . This point comes from Imperial ( Parameter picture ) Within the Geely system, the change of identity can be clearly known . only 5 Years ago , Dihao is also the upper level of Geely system , The price is much higher than that of pandas at that time 、 Vision, King Kong and other models , Sales are unparalleled , It is a well deserved pillar of Geely Automobile . But now , The positioning of Dihao in Geely system has decreased significantly , Don't make peace 30 Ten thousand krypton and 10 Wan to 30 Compared with the link in wannei , Even within the Geely brand , Regal also belongs to the basic class .

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