After taking stock of the three models, the sales volume of Mercedes Benz EQA is flat

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Some models , At the beginning of listing, the manufacturer placed high hopes , But after listing, the sales volume is flat , Even cooler , Uncle Che has ordered several such cars before . Today, let's take stock of three equally vigorous products to be listed , Then the performance was flat SUV models , Let's see why their sales performance is not as good as expected ?

Beijing Benz EQA( Parameter picture )

The price is :32.18-36.58 Ten thousand yuan

When it comes to luxury cars in China , People always think of Mercedes Benz first 、 BMW and audi , However, nowadays, new energy vehicles are in full swing 、 When demand exceeds supply , Mercedes EQA Your performance is not very good . According to the sales volume in recent months , Mercedes EQA The highest monthly sales volume of has not reached 400 car . As a Mercedes Benz EQ The entry-level model of the family , Mercedes EQA Starting price of 32.18 Ten thousand yuan , It is reasonable to say that such a price , Plus the brand endorsement of Mercedes Benz , It's not hard to be a star car .

However , Mercedes EQA After listing , But got the unanimous of netizens “ Not very kind ” evaluation . For example, in terms of size , Its length, width and height are respectively 4463/1834/1619mm, The wheelbase is 2729mm, This size is compared with that of the same level PLUS New energy 、 The public ID.4X Wait for the hot models , There is no advantage at all . New energy models with similar price are ideal ONE comparison , It doesn't have an advantage in mileage . Besides , at present 10 More than 10000 models, no matter from the appearance 、 Interior upholstery or configuration , All focus on the sense of Technology , Distinguish its fuel models from electric models in an extremely obvious way , But Mercedes Benz's approach is obviously different , Clinging to “ Oil to electricity ” product .

“ Oil to electricity ” Although it retains the calm temperament of Mercedes Benz itself , But under the design framework of fuel vehicles, electric vehicles , It's hard to be brilliant . meanwhile , Apart from being uncompetitive , Mercedes EQ The series has also been repeatedly exposed to quality problems , This undoubtedly makes Mercedes Benz EQA The situation is even worse . On this electric track , Reliable electrification and intelligent technology can win the support of the people , If you can't convince consumers with brilliant and reliable results , Maybe Mercedes Benz EQA It has really become the appearance of ridicule by netizens ,30 Wan bought a car logo .

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