How awesome is the Xiaopeng P5 with heat pump air conditioning? True knowledge is measured by the owner

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Considering the cost , When I bought the car, I specifically focused on the new energy rim , Orders have been placed here , Over there, I saw many friends talking about the winter endurance of new energy vehicles , There was enough electricity for a week , I can't endure for several days in winter , This really worries me . But I started with Xiao Peng after all P5, It is said to be equipped with heat pump air conditioner , To be able to improve 15% Winter range , Is that really the case ? I decided to measure it .

Heat pump air conditioning blessing , Take it easy for a week

My starting model is 600P edition , Life is as high as 600km, Basically belong to the leading level at the same level , Not just for a week's commute soeasy, I can also have a self driving on the weekend .

Usually when driving , I prefer the economic model , Start and keep up , High speed driving and precise handling 、 With texture . The temperature of the air conditioner is almost kept at 22℃, The air volume is adjusted in automatic mode . Keep the car in this state , I'm sorry for Xiao Peng P5 Tested for a week , I commute to and from work as usual , Pick up the children from school , I went to a neighboring city with my friends at the weekend , Through the city and highway sections , As a result, Xiao Peng P5 I was really surprised by the endurance performance of .

The measured results are public , Winter endurance King

Monday to Friday , My mileage is 250km, There's still... Left on Friday night 310km Endurance of , There is no charging at the weekend , Go straight on the road , After a long stretch of high speed , In the remaining mileage 20km When , The meter no longer shows the remaining mileage , I'm worried about lying on the way , So I drove directly to the charging station . Go to the charging station and plug in the gun , The meter shows 10km Remaining mileage , It is just fine ! After lunch nearby , Xiao peng P5 Resurrection full of blood . Here's a point , Xiao peng P5 Our fast charging technology is very fast ,10 Minute fast charging can increase the maximum endurance 136 km , Awesome. .

After this measurement , I really feel the power of heat pump air conditioning , Xiao peng P5 With strong strength , Even in the windy winter , It can still maintain high quality and long endurance , This is no better than the one who can't move and lie down “ Electric dad ” Much better ? Summarize the statement : Xiao peng P5600P In the winter range , Take care of it !

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