Compared with Mercedes Benz GLA, which car is the most ideal choice in your mind

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The categories of China's automobile market are increasingly rich , But when most domestic consumers buy a car, the first choice is SUV. As the price of luxury brand models continues to drop , Now 30 There are many choices for 10000 yuan models , Therefore, many family users upgrade models or choose models for the first time in the compact level of luxury brands SUV On , This includes being very romantic 、 A ceremonial Lincoln adventurer ( Parameter picture ), And the main cockpit 、 A Mercedes Benz with a sense of science and Technology GLA. today , Uncle Che compares these two models from several aspects , See which one is the best choice in your mind ?

Appearance comparison

Lincoln adventurer is equipped with a family star style China open in the front face , The interior is decorated with a large number of chrome plated elements . The new car is equipped with active air intake grille , It can choose to turn on or off according to the working conditions of the current engine , This can quickly raise the water temperature in winter , And can effectively reduce wind resistance . The split lamp sets on the left and right sides of the new car are internally equipped with LED The light source , And with adaptive high beam function .

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