The new Range Rover Sport comes on the market with standard air suspension and acceleration of 4.5 seconds at 100 kilometers

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With the new generation of Range Rover ( Parameter picture ) The listing of , The all-new Range Rover Sport also followed suit and made its global debut . The vehicle is based on MLA-Flex The platform was built , The front face is exquisite , The shape of the daytime running lamp becomes more slender , Clamshell hood is still classic , The edge of the hood extends back into a waistline , From the front to the rear . Red car paint with partially blackened Kit , It really adds a lot of sports to this car .

The roof 、A column 、 The rearview mirror and other elements are blackened , It forms a strong contrast with the red of the large area of the car body . The door handle is of concealed design , The included angle between the window frame and the vehicle body is smoother , The drag coefficient of the whole vehicle is only Cd0.29.

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