The new BMW 7 series will be launched globally and is expected to appear at the Grand Bay auto show in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao

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The new BMW 7 system ( Parameter picture ) The family made its global debut in Beijing , It is expected to appear at the auto show in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao . The new car is an executive flagship car , The larger double kidney grille needless to say , This iconic grille, which is constantly lengthened and widened , It has become the symbol of BMW's iterative evolution . in addition ,3215mm The wheelbase is the same as that of the previous generation 7 The long axis version is quite , The overall size is much larger than the previous generation of long axle models , Completely surpassing Mercedes Benz EQS and S level .

Compared with the innovation in appearance and modeling , new BMW7 The interior of the series is more subversive . The new car inherits BMW iX Innovative interior layout on , Including dual width steering wheel 、 Curved suspension duplex screen, etc , The most attractive thing is that it runs through the whole front instrument panel and door BMW Surround interactive light band . As an administrative model , The new BMW 7 This is the first time Merino Genuine leather / Cashmere combined interior design ,8K The resolution of the 31 The inch wide suspended giant screen directly fills the experience of the rear row .

motivation , new BMW7 There is not much innovation in the powertrain , The pure fuel version provides 3.0T and 4.0T powertrain , And all match 48V Light mixed system , The new plug-in hybrid model has about 80km Pure electric mileage . in addition , BMW i7 Carrying the fifth generation BMWeDrive Electric drive system , Refer to European model data , The dual motor version can realize 4.7 Seconds to break the , stay WLTP The standard range is about 625km, Support the highest 195kW Quick charge .

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