Led by Roewe whale, a number of heavy new cars will be launched on May 20. Don't miss it if you want to buy a car

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because “520” homophonic “ I love you! ”, So many young people will choose 5 month 20 Go to register for marriage on this day . And car companies may also want to ask for “ Good color ”, They have set the launch time of new cars at 5 month 20 Japan . When I bought the car, I found that , A number of heavy new cars including Roewe Whale will be launched in 2022 Year of 5 month 20 Day listed . below , Let's get to know more about .

Roewe whale

The owner of the car learned from the official , SAIC Roewe new compact SUV―― Roewe whales will be in 5 month 20 Official listing . Roewe whale has been in 3 month 17 Open pre-sale day , The pre-sale price is 16.68-19.28 Ten thousand yuan , Beluga version 、 Killer whale version and blue whale version are available . As for color matching , The new car has storm ash 、 The waves are very white 、 Deep dive black 、 Jingche blue and langjiao gray 5 Color options .

In terms of size , The wheelbase of Roewe whale is 2765mm, The length, width and height are respectively 4702/1903/1691mm, Bironway RX5 MAX Longer and wider . As for motivation , Roewe whales will carry 2.0T+8AT powertrain , One of the new generation 2.0TGI The maximum power of the blue core engine is 170kW, Maximum torque 370N・m. Fuel consumption in , Roewe whale WLTC Comprehensive fuel consumption is 8.8L/100km.

As a new compact SUV, The design of Roewe whale 、 The power is quite sincere , Obviously, it is an important attempt of SAIC Roewe to soar . however , Roewe whales are not cheap , This is likely to be an obstacle to the hot sale of new cars . If it's you , You are willing to spend nearly 200000 to start Roewe's compact SUV Well ?

Rongwei chinchilla

Like Roewe whales , Rongwei chinchilla will also be in 5 month 20 Official listing . in addition , Roewe chinchilla is also positioned as a compact SUV, But the overall size is smaller than the Roewe whale . Declaration information display , The wheelbase of Rongwei chinchilla is 2625mm, The length, width and height are respectively 4440/1810/1634mm.

Design aspect , Rongwei chinchilla adopts the borderless China open design , It looks obviously different from the Roewe whale . in addition , New car rear with “Hybrid” identification , Indicate the hybrid identity of the new car . Declaration information display , Rongwei chinchilla will carry a set of 1.5L Hybrid power system , among 1.5L The maximum power of the engine has reached 88kW.

In terms of body size , Rongwei chinchilla should be a product with a price close to the people SUV models , And it's also equipped with a hybrid , This undoubtedly further improves the market competitiveness of the whole vehicle . If you plan to start a domestic product with high fuel economy SUV, We might as well consider Rongwei chinchilla .

New Jetta VS5

The buyer learned from relevant channels that , On 4 month 8 The new Jetta opened for pre-sale on the th VS5 Will be in 5 month 20 Official listing . at present , New Jetta VS5 The pre-sale price of is 8.79-11.49 Ten thousand yuan , It's about the same price as the current model . As for design , New Jetta VS5 Your front face adds “Y” Type design elements , For example, the chrome plated decoration inside the air inlet grille adopts “Y” Type carving , Further enhance the delicate feeling of the front face .

The interior , New Jetta VS5 Will be equipped with support CarPlay Of J-Link New mobile phone interconnection system , At the same time, the interior will also add a large area of soft package , Improve the class and comfort of the cabin . motivation , New Jetta VS5 Will carry the public EA211 1.4T The engine , The maximum power of the engine is 150 horsepower , And what matches that is 5MT or 6AT transmission .

As a compact model under Jetta brand SUV, jetta VS5 At present, it can contribute a lot of sales to the brand every month , It is one of the sales pillars of Jetta brand . More exquisite new Jetta VS5 The arrival of the , It is expected to further promote Jetta's sales growth .

New Jetta VS7

medium SUV New Jetta VS7 With the new Jetta VS5 Pre sale together , Will also be listed together . in addition , New Jetta VS7 And joined in “Y” Type design elements , Further enhance the delicate feeling of the front face . however , New Jetta VS7 The design of the front face is more concise , Looks better than the new Jetta VS5 More atmospheric , It is very in line with Chinese Aesthetics . before , New Jetta VS7 The published pre-sale price is 10.59-13.49 Ten thousand yuan .

configuration , New Jetta VS7 Will be equipped with support CarPlay and CarLife Of J-Connect Car networking , It is also equipped with a door status display function 360 Degree panoramic image . As for motivation , New Jetta VS7 Will carry a maximum power of 150 Horsepower Volkswagen EA211 1.4T The engine , And what matches that is 5MT or 6AT transmission .

With the new Jetta VS5 comparison , New Jetta VS7 Have a bigger body , And the exquisite appearance that doesn't fall into the wind , It is very suitable for consumers who have greater requirements for space . Of course , New Jetta VS7 The price will be higher . As for how to choose , It depends on your budget and real car demand .

Chery ant ・ Enchantment

The owner of the car learned from the official , Little ant specially designed for female users ・ Charm will be in 5 month 20 Official listing . Little ant ・ Charm adopts romantic body color matching , Cater to the aesthetic of female users . meanwhile , The number of new cars has also increased BSD Blind area monitoring 、RCTA Rear reversing warning 、360 Panoramic images 、 new DOW Door opening warning and other configurations , Make it easier and safer for female users to drive .

As for the range , At present, there are two kinds of small ants on sale NEDC Range optional , Respectively 301km and 408km, That means little ants ・ Meili's mileage can easily meet the daily commuting needs of female users . however , Little ant ・ Charm has added so many configurations , The price is not expected to be very low , This may reduce the attractiveness of new cars to some extent .

The above is what you sorted out when buying a car. It will be in 5 month 20 A new car on the market on the th , There are both models for women , There are also cost-effective new cars that are very suitable for home use , You can choose according to your own needs and preferences . Next, you will continue to pay attention to the new car listing information , And share with you in time .

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