Benchmarking ELFA with a new logo, can Buick's new flagship MPV work?

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recently , Buick said , stay 2022“ Buick brand day ” On , Buick will bring a new image to consumers 、 New products 、 A series of heavy information such as new design . below , The point is : Brand new logo 、 New flagship MPV And Buick aoteng platform pure electric concept car will be released for the first time , Open a new era of Buick brand development . Today, ,《 One turn of car 》 We should focus on talking about Buick's new flagship MPV, It claims to be benchmarking ELFA. Is it ok ?

The momentum of design cannot be lost

According to the official notice map , Buick's new flagship MPV The aura is still very sufficient . The specific term , The new car continues some of the designs of the concept car at the Guangzhou Auto Show , A large area of China open , The interior is decorated with banner chrome plating , Make the whole front face look very atmospheric . Split headlights are used on both sides , It further strengthens the aggressiveness of the front face .

meanwhile , The new car is also expected to have a two-color body , After all, Chinese consumers are very fond of this set . After all, top luxury cars such as Maybach are like this , From some point of view , The two-color body shows the dignity of identity . although , At present, the official has not disclosed too much information about new cars , But only from the perspective of appearance design , Buick's new flagship MPV Not at all in momentum, ELFA .

Can benchmarking ELFA work ?

Buick officials say , Buick's new flagship MPV Aim at luxury large-scale MPV market , Position on existing products , The future is expected to benchmark ELFA . So here comes the question , Buick's new flagship MPV How about benchmarking ELFA ? I think , There is still a great possibility . As for why ? And listen to the circle brother come together .

First, Buick is MPV Rich experience in the field , Especially the middle and high-end MPV market . Mention the Buick brand , Many people may first think of GL8. You bet , From the current market performance of Buick's products , Leon coldwell 、 Some Regal models do have a bad feeling . Buick GL8 Is not the same , According to the latest data , This year, 4 month , buick GL8 Monthly sales of 8824 car , Surpassing Wuling Hongguang in one fell swoop , Won MPV The market sells the crown in a single month . Need to know , This is still under the impact of the supply chain . So far , Deep ploughing in the Chinese market for many years , buick GL8 Has firmly occupied China's commercial vehicle market , And the domestic field also involves .

Second, the market reputation is good , And the user base disk is large . at present , In the second child policy 、 Under the influence of many factors such as the upgrading of consumer demand , Medium and high end MPV The market has ushered in the second spring . The most direct is , Toyota Saina 、 Kia realm 、 Volkswagen Weiran and other joint venture models have successively entered the market , At the same time, Lan Tu 、 Red flag and other Chinese brands have also entered the market . however , None of this has affected Buick GL8 The sales of , To a large extent, it lies in its good market reputation . meanwhile ,2021 year , buick GL8 The sales volume in the domestic market has reached 16.1 Thousands of cars , The user base disk is getting larger and larger . future , Once Buick's new flagship MPV Enter , As long as the product is strong enough , It is bound to attract users who are willing to consume and upgrade in the user base , This is the high-end impact of Buick in the future MPV An important driver of the market .

Third, the product power should be good . As mentioned earlier , Buick is in the middle and high end MPV Market experience , Consumer demand has also been studied for many years , This also means that Buick's new flagship in the future MPV In luxury 、 Comfort and even sense of technology , All have experience to learn from . From the details revealed by the current new car , At least the aura of the whole vehicle is full . therefore , Buick's new flagship MPV It is also impossible to surpass ELFA's product power , After all, the advantages and disadvantages of Japanese cars are very obvious .

Product tonality is the key to success

Of course , As a luxury MPV The representative of the , ELFA didn't grow up a vegetarian , It's eating “ Star Aura ” Growing up . So to speak , There's nothing wrong with . therefore , For Buick's new flagship MPV for , Product tonality will be the biggest obstacle to surpassing ELFA in the future .

How to make consumers feel that the product is highly tonal , This is a systematic project . ELFA is constantly known by the public through star delivery and hunger Marketing , Finally became the of the rich “ Baby sitter car ”. How to improve Buick's new flagship MPV Product tonality ? I think , new LOGO Or a breakthrough .

Chinese consumers' face psychology is particularly serious , In order to meet the vanity of users , Tried many means . For example, people with letters 、 Tremella Audi and so on , Just to show that “ Low key luxury ”. And the front face of Toyota ELFA is not Toyota logo , It is “α” mark . If Buick announces a new LOGO It's a new flagship of Buick MPV To show your identity , Maybe there will be a new stem in the car circle . however , Brother Quan doesn't think it's very possible , After all, this LOGO It's for the Buick brand . future , Buick must distinguish between the existing GL8 We should pay more attention to our products , Otherwise, high-end is just a slogan .

《 One turn of car 》 Think , Benchmarking ELFA , Buick's new flagship MPV There is still a certain possibility , After all, MPV field , Buick is already familiar with the road . however , Buick's new flagship MPV Want to successfully hit the high-end , We must make consumers feel different from GL8 The existence of , After all GL8 The idol burden brought to Buick is still heavy . Last , People think Buick has hit the high-end MPV Can you succeed ? Welcome to comment area for discussion .

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