Cadillac escalade-v will be available in the summer

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You've heard of “ One person, one machine ” This noun ? The word comes from Mercedes Benz AMG department , In addition to A35 In addition to the AMG The model adopts one-to-one special person for docking , After assembly, you will leave your own autograph on the engine cover nameplate . But one person and one machine are not AMG Exclusive to , Cadillac also used .

before , Cadillac has already released the Carlyle ( Parameter picture )ESCALADE-V Appearance picture of , But in recent days, , Cadillac announced that the new car will go on sale overseas at the end of this summer , Launch standard axle version and long axle version , The selling price is 14.999 Thousands of dollars ( renminbi 101.5 Ten thousand yuan or so ).

Kelled ESCALADE-V Equipped with double-layer design of full LCD instrument panel and central control multimedia touch screen , Industry first 38 The inch curved LCD screen really has an advanced feeling . According to the official introduction , New cars can also be optional SuperCruise Many intelligent driving assistance systems including super cruise system .

Kelled ESCALADE-V The car is equipped with 6.2 l V8 Supercharged engine , Maximum power is 508kW, Peak torque reached 885N·m. The transmission system is matched, upgraded and optimized 10 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , The new transmission distributes power equally between the front and rear axles , For maximum traction .

New cars come with them AirRideAdaptive Suspension and V Additional suspension hardware unique to the series , In front of the gear lever V The mode button can wake up this violent muscle beast with one click ,4.4 The score of breaking 100 seconds is no joke .

According to the product planning of GM China , The standard version of Carlyle's model is expected to be introduced into domestic sales in the form of import , And kelled -V The high-performance sports version may be introduced next year , When the , Luxury brand large SUV The market will set off a new round of bloodbath .

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