Like Hyundai, the new Kia K3 spy photos showed a year-on-year decline of 5.8% in April

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In recent days, , Sina automobile obtained a group of Kia from relevant channels K3( Parameter picture ) Spy photos of the appearance of the modified model , The overall design idea of the new car looks the same as the cash K5 The models are very similar , But it has been improved and optimized in detail , The changes for young consumer groups are becoming more and more obvious .

New Kia K3 The front outline and some details are designed with cash K5 Very similar , The iconic style of China open and headlamp group can be inherited , The flat black trim strip at the lower part of the front bumper is faintly visible . This shape is similar to K5 The design of the new Kia also makes the new Kia K3 Become more luxurious and atmospheric in visual feeling .

From the side , More slender lines indicate a certain increase in body length and wheelbase . The passenger space inside the car will also be expanded .

The rear contour of the new car is wider , At the same time, the tail lamp and cash are exposed K3 There are obvious changes in the model .

Although the information shown in the spy photos is not comprehensive , But you can still see the new Kia K3 In terms of appearance design, it is different from the overseas version K3 It seems quite similar , It also highlights the elements of youth and fashion . This is also a major trend in today's market , After all, in the face of younger consumer groups and more radical new power brands springing up , Appearance design will become the first important barrier . About new K3 We will continue to pay attention to the follow-up information of the model .

According to foreign media reports , Like modern cars , Kia motor, which is also part of Hyundai Motor Group , There is still a shortage of chips , they 4 Global sales in January , Year on year and month on month decline .

The data on Kia's official website shows , they 4 In January, a total of... Were sold worldwide 238538 car , Less than the same period last year 253287 car , fell 5.8%; Also below 3 In the 251027 car , Decline in chain ratio 5%.

Specific to the market , kia 4 The sales volume in the Korean market in January was 50095 car , fell 2%, But it increased month on month 11.2%, higher than 3 In the 45066 car ;4 Sales in overseas markets in January 188443 car , fell 6.8%, Decline in chain ratio 8.5%.

Affected by the continuous shortage of chips , Kia before this year 4 Monthly sales , There was also a year-on-year decline . The data on the official website shows , Before them 4 A total of... Were sold worldwide in the last month 924277 car , The same period last year was 943277 car , fell 2%.

Like modern cars , Kia's position in some markets , There are also improvements . They mentioned on their official website , Asia-Pacific 、 Market conditions in India and central and South America , Year on year improvement .

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