The declaration map of the new BMW 3 series was exposed, and the owner regretted buying it early

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According to the information declared by the Ministry of industry and information technology , A new generation of domestic brilliance BMW 3 system ( Parameter picture ) Pictures of the real car were exposed recently , The main changes of this generation will be slightly adjusted in the front face kit and size , In recent years, BMW has been advocating new energy powered models , In the future, the pure tram will gradually replace the fuel model , Let's take a look at the new brilliance BMW 3 System changes , After Xiaobian showed it to his friends , Many BMW owners boast that they look good , Regret buying early .

The information of this declaration is in three colors : black 、 White and sapphire blue . We can see more clearly , The white and royal blue front faces adopt different design styles , Take a closer look at the front face of BMW's iconic “ open nostrils ”, The sapphire blue real car adopts the straight waterfall design style , And white adopts the design style of crystal diamond suspension , It is likely that the models are distinguished according to the power , besides , The air intake grille below and the deflectors on both sides are indistinguishable .

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