Kia sp2cpe is mass produced this year, and the appearance change is the most obvious

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We learned from inside Kia , Internal code SP2CPE Our models are planned to be mass produced this year , Among them SP2C On behalf of KX3 Proud run ( Parameter picture ),PE It means that the medium-term payment is changed . A new set of Kia KX3 The rendered image is also exposed , The new car is expected to be officially launched this year .

aesthetic , From the exposed rendering , The change of the front face of the new car is the most obvious , The size of China open is bigger than cash , The original chrome trim strip has been cancelled , More calm in style . The interior of the headlight group of the new car is still a double-layer layout , The edge of the lamp set is sharper than the cash , Chrome plated trim strips are added in the fog lamp area , The silver guard at the bottom adds a three-stage opening . The new car has a suspended roof design , The rest has not changed significantly .

( The figure below shows the cash model )

motivation , It is expected that the new car will continue to use 1.5L Self priming engine +CVT Gearbox power combination , As a reference , On cash models 1.5L The maximum power of the engine is 115 horsepower , Maximum torque 143.8 cattle · rice .

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