2022 escape plus will be launched in May, with upgraded appearance and interior

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According to the latest news ,2022 Money escape ( Parameter picture )PLUS Will be in 5 Listed within months , The specific date may be 5 month 20 Japan . According to the official map released earlier , New escape PLUS There are two types of front face , There are also small adjustments to the position of the central control and gear handle in the car , The overall shape is more beautiful and exquisite , Plan start escape PLUS My friends might as well wait .

The appearance changes of the new car mainly focus on the front position , The front face still adopts the cash layout of large-size grille connecting the headlights , However, the internal structure of the grid has been adjusted , One is a dot matrix structure basically the same as cash , Blackening treatment and red decorative strips show a sporty style , The other is a banner design with chrome plated decoration , More stable atmosphere , It looks very similar to the popular grille style . I don't know which style will be more popular .

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