Kia novo new car unveiled, equipped with 1.6T turbocharged engine

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According to the market development trend in recent years , The automobile consumption market is becoming younger and younger , In the current time and environment , A newly launched car model accounts for more than half of the factors in appearance and appearance , The interior decoration and configuration are the second element of choice . Domestic B On class I models , Consumers are most familiar with the Japanese Camry ( Parameter picture )、 Honda accord 、 Nissan Teana, Volkswagen Passat, maiteng and so on , These models are not only as good as other brands in terms of configuration , And in terms of appearance and appearance, it is also very worthy of affirmation . And like Sonata, which once sold very well in China 、K5 models , Now compared with the same level, there is a big difference . under these circumstances , The Korean series is finally under the sales pressure of models of the same level , Finally, we are going to launch a new model with R & D and Design - kia Novo.

Compared with other models , kia Novo The debut of this new car , It can be said that it has refreshed our understanding of Kia this model , Finally, with an exceptionally beautiful appearance and equipped with a black technology configuration , After its appearance, it has attracted the attention of many consumers , It has become a dark horse after the appearance of intermediate models .

As a model that Kia car enterprises place high hopes on , It is also a model carefully built by Kia manufacturers , It can be said that this time Kia Novo It carries a lot of essence of Kia , First, we start from Kia Novo In terms of appearance :Novo The front part of the adopts a new tiger roaring air inlet grille design , It looks calm and thick , Use of both sides LED Long and thin lamp group of light source , Supplemented by a bluish lens , Makes the recognition very high , And the front fog lamp area of the new car has been newly developed led Lamp strip replacement , And the bumper part of the front face has strong lines 、 Extremely sharp shape , It makes the whole front face look from a distance, which not only gives people a strong impact, but also gives people a considerable sense of movement .

Looking at the side of the whole vehicle, it makes people feel very handsome , While the design of the whole body looks round and full as much as possible, it also adds the very popular frameless door opening , It seems to have an extremely luxurious style .Novo Rear part of vehicle , The design of the rear of the car is mainly in a sincere and full style , Slightly slender rear tail lamp design and chrome plated exhaust funnel with inverted triangle on both sides , Make the whole model look sporty and recognizable .

kia Novo Interior part of ,Novo The interior part of follows the minimalist design style , It also shows a very high sense of hierarchy , The first thing that comes into view is the three spoke multifunctional steering wheel 、 Matched with it is the full LCD instrument display screen and the embedded central control large screen , It is also equipped with a newly developed 3D Streaming media projection technology , Make the sense of technology full . And the whole car is equipped with a new gear handle , Most of the physical buttons have been cancelled , Most of the functions in the car can be controlled through the small touch panel on the right side of the steering wheel . The new high-tech configuration can fully improve the driver's handling fun .

kia Novo The power part of , The new car is equipped with the most mainstream 1.6T and 2.0T Turbocharged engine , And what matches that is 7 Double clutch gearbox ,1.6T The maximum horsepower of the turbocharged engine has reached 180 horse , What's more? 2.0T What about ? So Kia Novo Is fully motivated . And the whole car is equipped with McPherson independent suspension and multi link independent suspension , Therefore, the stability and driving quality of the whole vehicle are very excellent .

As a new Kia intermediate car , New appearance and high-tech configuration , It makes the whole model have a completely amazing side , And according to the news , The pre-sale price of the new car may be in 16 Ten thousand yuan or so , If after going public , I believe it will bring another wave of impact to the market at the same level .

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