Spy photos of Ford's new SUV were exposed, and Ruijie's successor appeared at the end of the year

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Since the beginning of last year , Ford has a new car overseas that has been exposed , That's brand new Fusion.

Ford brand new SUV Spy photos

If you look at it in the past ,Fusion It's actually a domestic Mondeo ( Parameter picture ) Overseas models , But previously exposed new Fusion But it's a SUV, Now a new generation of Mondeo has also been listed in China , Overseas Mondeo has stopped production , In the course of contacts , This product is very confusing : Who is it ?

For now , We can only think of it as Ford's new SUV, Foreign media recently photographed a brand new film overseas FusionActive( Not officially named ) Spy photos of , According to it , It's probably Ford EDGE( China is a sharp circle ) Successor , It may appear at the end of this year .

Ford brand new SUV Spy photos

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