Can the coolant turn rust still be used?

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Can the coolant turn rust still be used ? The antifreeze turns rust and can be used , If the rust is serious , After a few days , You can drain the old refrigerant and eliminate the refrigeration system , Add a new freezing liquid .

If there is dirt in the refrigeration system , It will reduce the efficiency of automobile engine heat exchanger , The temperature of the water rises , Aging of rubber hose, etc , Even when the car engine rotates under continuous high temperature , It is very likely that the cylinder gasket will be penetrated , The clearance between the piston rod and the engine block is reduced , The damage is aggravated , In case of burning cylinder, pulling tile and other conditions .

After applying high-quality antifreeze to some cars , The antifreeze turns rust , At the same time, it causes sediment , This is also because a certain amount of antirust paint remover is added to the high-quality antifreeze , In addition, ethylene glycol itself has a certain cleaning effect , Remove the rust from the original refrigerant system, resulting in the above conditions .

If the rust scale is too heavy , After a few days , Drain the stock solution , Add new liquid . Very few cars , It was very easy “ Start pot ”, Add antifreeze , Unable to have a significant inhibitory effect , This is also because the car's refrigeration system is too dirty , The temperature of the water reaches 70-90℃ Instant cooking , And the boiling point of water is 100℃, The melting point of antifreeze is 106-110℃. If there is obvious dirt , Antifreeze can't be treated “ Boiling pot ” The problem of .

Some cars don't leak water before replacing antifreeze , After replacement, the problem of water leakage occurred, which is also because the original rust scale in the antifreeze was cleared away , Show the sand hole covered by the original embroidered dirt 、 System FLAW , It's not the water leakage caused by antifreeze etching the refrigeration system , Instead, the corrosion caused by poor antifreeze in the original system is exposed .

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