The new "Pajero Jinchang" has been exposed overseas, with high ground clearance + 4WD, and the interior is smart!

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In recent years , With the lifting of the ban on multi series models , The whole automobile market shows a multi-directional development , Pickups and professional off-road vehicles are more popular , But the problem now is , It's called “ God car ” Prado has been discontinued , This is a big loss for the market , After all, there is a big gap in the market at this stage . But I got the latest news from Mitsubishi recently , New generation “ Pajero is energetic ” Train loading has been completed , It is expected to be introduced into the domestic market in the near future , The price is expected to be in 30 All around . I don't know if I can be “ prado ” The replacement of !

As one of Mitsubishi's main high-performance off-road vehicles SUV, The whole appearance doesn't have the implicit feeling of Prado , Some of the styles look more hardline , On the front , A spindle like shape , It's very interesting , And the internal composition is also the element of carbon black , The grille is divided into upper and lower parts , The headlight adopts the structure of gun hole , And around it is a double width LED Driving lights , Compared with the previous , The whole shape is obviously exquisite , Maybe it's also because the ground clearance is raised , More conducive to the display of a sense of strength .

The recognition degree of the whole car on the side is still quite obvious , The embedded waistline adopts a segmented layout , The raised effect of front and rear wheel eyebrows is stronger than Prado . In addition, the new car is also equipped with black rear-view mirrors and the latest style of large size , Aluminum alloy wheels and off-road tires , All operations are to show the professionalism of the whole car . At the end of the car , The new car is equipped with the latest style of roof rack and the new simple shape design of tail lamp group , And the whole tail lamp adopts a waist pinching shape , Mitsubishi can make such a change , It has made great progress .

The interior upholstery of previous models can only be said to be fair , After all, Mitsubishi will not put a lot of energy into its interior . But a new generation “ Pajero is energetic ” With a comprehensive upgrade , From the effect shown in the picture , The design of the center console is simpler , Although it's not an all leather package , But the whole soft material is still very advanced , Not just the touch , Even visually, it will bring a good impact . The whole series is equipped with LCD instrument panel, which is also a highlight , Multifunctional steering wheel , Richer keys , But it will bring some so-called clutter . The central control screen is still an embedded layout , But more metal like decorations are added on both sides of it , The traditional drive lever is also equipped with an electronic gear selection system . It also ensures the professionalism of the whole car !

In terms of motivation , The new car adopts two sets of power systems , Namely 3.0 L engine as power , and 2.4T Turbocharged diesel engine , And what matches that is 8 Power combination of speed automatic transmission . The whole system is equipped with super selective 4WD system , It also guarantees the professionalism of the whole car , So if compared with the previous generation of Prado , Obviously, its advantages are more obvious , So this car will be a relatively suitable replacement for Prado , More importantly, all new cars are imported , And the price will be 30 All s , I don't know what you think of this car !

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