The new "Range Rover" is on sale in China! The price is 1.468 million, or an increase of 300000. An extended version is added

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As a British national treasure car brand “ Land rover ” Finally, heavy products have been welcomed in the domestic market , According to the news ahead , A new generation of overseas listing “ Range Rover ” It has been officially sold in China , The new car will use multiple power systems , Fare for 146.8 ten thousand . Judging from the past rules , The price increase of the first batch of new cars has become a foregone conclusion , The price increase is expected to exceed 30 ten thousand , Therefore, the landing price of the beggar version will also be close to 200 ten thousand . meanwhile , Land Rover will also add one in the domestic market 7 Seat extended version , Local tyrant's friends can pay more attention to !

We are already very familiar with the appearance of the new car , The appearance and interior of the new car have been deepened again . First appearance on , It continues the simple style of northern Europe , With this BBA The difference has become more and more obvious . On the surface, the whole front face is more complex , But in fact , All layouts are embodied on one level , This has a high pursuit of Technology . All laser headlights ( Daytime running lights are assembled inside the headlights 、 Dynamic turn signal lamp 、 Adaptive high and low beam lights and welcome lights ), Together with its medium net shape, it is more flat . Except for the change of the grid , An embedded black grid layout is adopted on the front surround of the new car , And a through type lamp belt is added in the middle , The whole feeling and BBA Completely different .

On the size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 5252mm*2047mm*1870mm, Wheelbase reached 3197mm. The advantage of size is still very obvious , Like the front face , Its side also has a more obvious “ Arc degree ” The modelling of , The layout of the whole side body has not changed much from that of the previous generation . And in order to better show the integrity of the new car , The new car is also equipped with a hidden door handle design , The high-end feeling is bursting ! The new range rover , It also launched... Specifically for the domestic market 7 Seat extension series , This car will become the exclusive model in China ! The tail , There is no sharp feeling in the past , The extension from the roof to the rear of the car has an arc design , The vertical tail lights are more slender , The rear surround has a feeling of a future car !

Different from appearance , The interior of the new car adds the flavor of German cars for the first time , The integrity of the past has finally changed ! The steering wheel is changed to a two spoke layout , The position of LCD instrument panel is higher , The visual sense will be improved , Newly added 13.1 Inch suspended arc central control screen , It's the new layout of the new car , Compared with the previous generation, although there is less than one screen , But the sense of technology goes up instead of down , Match with electronic gear lever and through type air conditioner outlet , The overall sense of science and technology is done very well !

configuration , The new range rover is “ The ceiling ”! Tire pressure display is standard 、ABS Antilock 、 Braking force distribution 、 Brake assist 、 Traction control 、 Body stability control 、 Doubling the auxiliary 、 Roof deviation warning system 、 Lane keeping assist system 、 Road traffic sign recognition 、 Take the initiative to brake 、 Fatigue driving tips 、 front / Rear parking radar 、360 Two degree panoramic image and full speed adaptive cruise become standard configuration , Therefore, in terms of configuration, it has left its opponents far behind .

Let's look at the power of the new car , The new range rover has launched two power versions , One is equipped with 3.0T 6 Cylinder engine +48V Light mixed system , The other is 4.4T V8 The engine , Their maximum power is 294kW、390kW, The peak torque is respectively 550N・m and 750N・m, The transmission system is matched with 8 Self - contained gearbox . The chassis adopts the front double wishbone type , Rear multi-link independent suspension . It is worth mentioning that 4.4T V8 It's an engine from BMW , The official guide price for a new car is 146.8-249.8 Ten thousand yuan , The price increase is expected to be 30 All around , The local tyrant's little partner can still feel it !

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