The firm offer "new trumpchi gs8" at the store is more than 5m long, with seven laser headlights, and the fuel consumption is less than 6L!

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GAC motor is the second largest domestic car among domestic brands in recent years besides Great Wall Motors , Especially trumpchi's GS The series is comparable to the former Harvard series ! And in the latest generation , The kei GS8 Once again, I raised myself to a higher level , It's no exaggeration to say , This car can meet and for large SUV All my fantasies , Yes, of course , The premise is that you have no rigid requirements for the brand . The car in the picture is a new generation just entering the store GS8, Xiaobian was also lucky to feel its power for the first time !

First of all, in shape , new GS8 Continue to retain the traditional family elements , Even if the previous version is placed now, there is no sense of obsolescence . Therefore, the design of the new car should obviously have a super modern feeling . The front of the new car adopts a double tiger tooth layout , In addition to bringing a good sense of hierarchy , A pointed convex effect is added at the front of the grid , That is what we often call the effect of tusks . Headlights , It retains the shape of double-layer four headlights , However, it is obvious that carbon black is added to the interior of the laser headlamp , And the whole structure is relatively slender , Fit in with the rearranged front enclosure , Make the whole headlight look more profound . In terms of power , new GS8 Better than ever , If only from the perspective of appearance value , Absolutely occupy a place in the same level .

New generation GS8 There has also been a significant upgrade in size , For example, the length of the new car has exceeded 5 rice , It also has 1950 Mm body width and 1780 Mm body height , And the wheelbase of the car body has reached 2920 mm . It will not only feel more domineering in appearance , It also ensures the interior space of the new car . There is another improvement on the whole side , The waistline is not obvious , Only played a dragonfly role , even so , The sense of hierarchy on the side can still be displayed , And the new car's sense of edges and corners is more direct ! Rear , Vertical tail lights are more exquisite , The raised back is surrounded by a silver trim wrapped , While ensuring the gas field , It has also significantly improved the whole delicacy .

After that, the appearance , We're looking at the interior performance , new GS8 Bring a new visual feeling , A new instrument display with dual LCD is added , The two instruments also show a concave convex feeling . Look carefully and you will find , The stitched leather wrapped on the center console is not inferior to BBA series , This is the embodiment of hard power . In order to make the whole car more humanized , The interior is also made up of different colors , This is unmatched by joint venture brands . More than the 5 The meter long body makes the whole rear space more flexible , The whole series is wrapped in high-grade leather , It also improves the advanced feeling of the whole car !

Power on , new GS8 Still equipped with a very classic 2.0T The engine , Its maximum horsepower is 252 horse , Peak torque reached 400 Cattle meters , And used 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , At the same time, on this basis , The car also has the latest 2.0T Hybrid system composed of engine and motor , And used CVT transmission . While ensuring the power , The whole fuel consumption is further reduced , According to the display in the store , The fuel consumption of the hybrid version is less than 6L, This is a blessing for netizens ! So new cars are likely to continue to maintain ultra-high shipments , What do you think? ?

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