Priced at 1.6 million, the American super "land aircraft carrier" arrives in Hong Kong, with a length of 5.7 meters and a 6.0l V8 engine

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Compared with the current Cadillac series , This kind of “ Kelled ” Your reputation is going to be a little worse , This is mainly because this car only plays an image role in China , After all, he's huge , High fuel consumption , It's not something that ordinary people can control , But the unbelieving Cadillac has upgraded the new car again . The car above just arrived in Hong Kong 2022 The paragraph “ Kelled ”, Because the body is too big , So netizens call it “ Land aircraft carrier ”, The current price of the new car in the port is 160 ten thousand , Just like the previous generation , By no means an idle person !

Cadillac is the most “ Kelled ” Still made all-round adjustments , And the new car obviously pays more attention to the performance of details , First on the front , The new car still continues the diamond cutting process , The square effect brings a better three-dimensional feeling . The whole China open has changed to a dot matrix layout , Because the whole area is too large , So it also brings a stronger visual effect , The full three-dimensional front surround also plays a decorative effect , therefore , There may be no BBA So delicate , But in the construction of the whole gas field , Cadillac is still very professional ! The headlights haven't been adjusted too much , It is nothing more than replacing the light source with the structure of laser headlamp , The vertical driving lights go straight to the front , This effect , This is the only one in the whole automotive field !

In terms of size, this car adopts two versions , The length of the regular version is 5382mm, Width 2059mm, Height 1948mm, The wheelbase 3071mm, and ESV The length of the version has reached 5766mm, Width 2059mm, Height 1942mm, The wheelbase 3407mm, This is definitely the ceiling in the automotive field . On the side , The waist line runs through the whole body , It will also feel more slender visually . The layout of the whole upper part adopts the same standard design as that of American cars , This still plays a very key role in improving the recognition of the whole car . Rear , Because of the increase in height , So the size of the tail lamp is more slender , Including its rear enclosure, it shows its sense of power to the greatest extent . So in terms of appearance , It should be the peak of the aura !

And the interior , New CareAD is at the forefront of science and technology again . The simple and crude design in the past has officially become history , Instead, it's this ultra modern feeling . The new car is equipped with a diagonal dimension of 38 " OLED Rear curved screen and rear entertainment system , It includes two pieces with the size of 12.6 Inch HD touch screen display . And the two screens overlap , Can better show its sense of hierarchy . There are not too many physical buttons in the whole console , But in fact, most of the functions are concentrated in the interior of the system , Here, Xiaobian still puts a question mark on the convenience of the whole , After all, the past Cadillac multimedia system is not convenient !

The second row is also designed with a suspended multimedia screen , Plus the high-level sound system of the whole car , It will bring you a cinema level audio-visual experience ! In terms of comfort , This car is definitely the current “ The ceiling ”, The whole car is equipped with a super beautiful sofa , Both in width and thickness, it is much better than the products of the same level , After all, this is a car specially built for the American market ,“ Big ” It's the advantage !

Power on , Can drive such a “ Big guy ”, Naturally, I need to drink oil . The new car will be equipped with two power systems , Namely 6.2 l V8 Gasoline naturally aspirated engine , The most powerful 313 kw , Maximum torque 623 cattle ・ rice . The other is Duramax 3.0T Six cylinder diesel engine , The maximum power is about 207 kw , The maximum torque is also 623 cattle ・ rice . Drive systems are matched 10 Speed automatic transmission . The suspension part is equipped with electromagnetic shock absorber and adaptive air suspension . Fuel consumption in , You know , But in terms of overall comfort and high-speed massiness , This car is also ceiling level , For this car , What do you expect !

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