Guangzhou Honda's "Zr-V" was launched worldwide! Take 1.5T engine + four wheel independent suspension, and the estimated price is 150000

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Recently, the good news of Honda has been constantly , Except for the official replacement CR-V outside , Another global car was officially announced , This car is the one in the picture “ZR-V”, Chinese name is “ Zhi Zai ”. This car is not exclusive to the Chinese market , But a truly global car , This time Honda chose China as the first country for new cars , It is conceivable that Honda attaches great importance to the Chinese market ! According to the latest information , The new car is now under application , It is expected to be listed in the fourth quarter !

This time, Guangzhou Honda's “ZR-V” It is very different from the Honda series in our impression , If not LOGO Words , I believe that most of the small partners will recognize this car as Ford series ! Indeed, from the performance of the whole appearance , It integrates rich elements of American cars . On the front , The octagonal air intake grille moves down again , The internal composition adopts a corrugated design , It's really fresh ! Let's look at the headlights again , Long and narrow LED The headlight group gives a very “ Tenacity ” The feeling of , And the surrounding area is also blackened , Internal L The V-shaped running lights also maintain the family characteristics .

In terms of size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4568mm、1840mm、1621mm, The wheelbase is 2655mm, Although the size is small , But internally, Xiaobian still believes in Honda's ability , After all “ Space Magic ” It's not covered . Compared with the previous Honda series , The whole side of this car needs to be fuller , There is no obvious waistline, but it can show its integrity without reservation . The front and rear wheel eyebrows also adopt a new shape layout , For the presentation of freshness , Honda's car is almost perfect ! At the end of the car , The simple layout forms a sense of separation with the body , And the long and narrow tail lamp just echoes with the headlamp . The exhaust is also replaced with the shape of double-sided single output , Better show its sense of movement !

interiors , Honda's car is still based on “ Sense of home ” Mainly , There is not much layout of the so-called sense of Technology , So the whole shape looks more conventional . The steering wheel has changed to a double width layout , The square LCD instrument panel is an embedded shape , The middle is equipped with one and cash CR-V Synchronous multimedia system , It still shows a good sense of Technology . A double-layer layout is adopted at the position of the glove box on the right , Bring a better sense of hierarchy !

The above figure is the specific information of this declaration ! motivation , The tail clearly shows “240TURBO” identification , That is, the new car will still carry the earth dream 1.5T Four cylinder engine , The drive system will be CVT transmission , Or will provide 6MT transmission . And according to Honda's pace , It is also possible to provide hybrid models in the later stage . Suspension part , Since it is on the same platform as Civic , Naturally, it will also be equipped with four-wheel independent suspension !

Many small partners suspect that this car is an exclusive model in the Chinese market , But it's not , Judging from the current situation , This car is a global car , Just take China as the starting area , Obviously, this is to enhance the competitiveness of the domestic market , Then it will be listed in Europe, North America and other regions ! The estimated price of the new car is 15 All around , I don't know what you expect from this car !

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