The new dongben "CR-V" Declaration picture is exposed! The appearance has changed greatly, the size has increased, and the price is lower

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At the beginning of the year , Xiaobian got a message from the front , Honda in order to enhance its influence in the Chinese market , Will officially replace its “CR-V”, The news , Netizens are completely excited , After all, as a classic model in the domestic market ,“CR-V” The template is really a little old , Just from the design point of view , Has been completely unable to communicate with RAV4 Comparable to Qijun , A new generation of RAV4 It turns the sense of self into an element of self , And xinqijun doesn't say much , Spending a lot of money to build it can see its determination , Of course, the three cylinder engine is no longer in the scope of today's discussion !

And by contrast ,CR-V Like an old man , Indeed, it has a great impact on Competitiveness ! From the effect pictures exposed overseas before , Give full confidence , Now its domestic version has officially entered the declaration stage , It is likely to be officially listed before the end of the year , thus , Compact type SUV The market will be lively again ! The picture above is the new model declared this time CR-V. The appearance is not much different from the overseas version , Roundness has become history , Instead, there is a richer angular layout ! The central net of the new car is perfectly connected with the headlights , The whole China open adopts a square dot matrix layout , Flat LOGO Bigger size , The whole effect is obviously more flexible . The silver trim strip above the middle net runs right through the interior of the headlamp , The whole headlight set is more slender .

In terms of size , A new generation of CR-V It's bigger than the previous generation , The length, width and height are respectively 4703mm、1866mm、1690mm, Wheelbase reached 2701mm, Really bigger to be more competitive ! Like the front face , The whole side also adopts a more angular layout , The addition of double wheel eyebrows also ensures the new car's sense of strength ! On the tail , The tail light acts as a waistline , In the shape extending to both sides, it is close to the tail lamp of BMW , I don't know if you found this ! The lower half of the boot adopts a surrounding layout , It can also be regarded as the structural adjustment of the whole car !

The above figure shows some details of the declaration process , For example, the new car can be equipped with rear privacy glass , Optional LANEWATCH Camera mirror . The whole selectivity should be richer . In addition, the whole series is also equipped with panoramic cameras and parking radar , Compared to the previous generation , The whole configuration has been significantly improved .

Finally, look at the power performance , The new car is equipped with a code named L15BZ Of 1.5T The engine , Its maximum power is 142kW, Peak torque is here 243N・m, Follow up or will continue to provide 2.0L Hybrid version . The new car will continue to compete with Toyota in the future RAV4、 Nissan X-Trail 、 Volkswagen tuyue and other models compete . The estimated price of the new car is 16.68 Ten thousand yuan ( Cash 16.98 Ten thousand yuan ), It is estimated that the new car will have more powerful combat effectiveness , What do you think? !

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