The Great Wall "dream" officially began to declare! The appearance adopts retro elements, and the estimated price is 319800 yuan

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In the last year , We released a model with retro elements in the Great Wall , As soon as the new car appeared, it attracted the attention of the media , After all, throughout the ten years of rapid development of domestic cars , There are few models that can take retro elements as the infrastructure , And this time the Great Wall became the first “ Eat crab ” Car brand ! At present, we have received the latest news from the front , This retro model has officially entered the declaration stage , If you infer from such a time node , The new car will still be fully launched in the third quarter !

The picture above shows the first retro model that has been declared “ Interpret a dream ”, The whole appearance adopts very rich retro elements , And it looks very classic . The layout of the front of the car has a sense of age , The front face is equipped with large-size banner chrome plated air inlet grille , Match with convex circular headlight set and multi spoke wheel rim . circular LED The tail light is placed on the wheel arch , Call the headlights . A double cylindrical trim strip is used on the front surround , Also quite punk !

Although the whole car looks Petite , But in fact, the size of the new car is quite awesome , According to the declared information , The length, width and height of the new car have reached 4830mm×1995mm×1725mm, Wheelbase is coming 2915mm, The overall size is smaller X3 And other models are more dominant . But this can't be seen from the appearance , The whole car also shows a strong punk style on the side , Including the new car is also equipped with a full fork wheel hub, which makes the whole car more modern . At the end , The car still uses a “ small bag ” Modeling as decoration , The roof is equipped with a panoramic sunroof . The whole position just echoes the front surround !

Different from the strong retro style of appearance , The interior is particularly magnificent ! First of all, we can see that the whole interior adopts a large number of golden color layout , The three spoke steering wheel also adopts a two-color layout , And a ring design is added inside, which has a great sense of substitution ! There are also built-in screens in the middle and on the right , The whole three-stage shape brings a strong sense of future . Yes, of course , The specific functions and configurations can only be known after listing !

The above figure is the specific information of this declaration , On the power , The new car will carry 1.5T DHT Hybrid system , Its maximum power 115kW. Reference is also equipped with 1.5T Mocha of hybrid system DHT Comprehensive fuel consumption (0.45L/100km), New cars are expected to reach the same level ! If nothing happens , The new car is likely to go on sale in the third quarter of this year , The price is expected to be in 31.98 ten thousand !

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