In April, GAC Toyota entered the top three of the industry for the first time. Behind the accident is a greater necessity_ Sales volume_ Joint venture_ market

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The original title :​4 In June, GAC Toyota entered the top three of the industry for the first time , Behind the accident is a greater necessity

4 This month should be a beautiful season for grass to grow and Orioles to fly , But this year 4 China's car market in May is terrible .

According to the statistics of CAAC ,4 Domestic passenger car sales in January 96.5 Thousands of cars , Month on month decline 48.2%, Year on year drop 43.4%.

The sales volume of many manufacturers is no longer “ Waist cut ”, It is “ Hip chop ”—— A year-on-year decline of 60% or 70% !

The statement of China Automobile Association is “ It is the monthly low in the same period in recent ten years ”, The main reason is attributed to the COVID-19 , But the market fell so badly , There must be many reasons —— Core missing 、 Supply chain disruption 、 Shutdown caused by epidemic prevention 、 International oil prices soared , Plus continuous 3 The macroeconomic downturn caused by the epidemic in , These factors add up to 4 The collapse of the car market in January . This is also a good lesson for the whole industry —— Let everyone really know what market risk is , What is uncertainty .

Statistics of China Automobile Association ,4 Passenger car sales plunged year-on-year in January 43.4%, Near establishment 10 New low in recent years .

3 This month has been the runner up in sales of joint venture manufacturers

In the past 20 year , Although China's auto market has also experienced adjustment , But overall, it is in a high growth development , It can be said that the whole Chinese automobile industry has not accepted a really severe market test .

Actually , before this ,2018-2020 continuity 3 The slight decline in the market in has left many brands at a loss , Sales suddenly increased from 700000 、 One million “ Collapse ” To only half 、 One-third , Even less , These brands are completely confused , I don't even know what I did wrong .

Many times, it's really hard to find the answer just by looking through yourself , At this time, the best way is to refer to the competitors . Even in such a miserable market 4 month , There are still some brands that are quite strong , For example, BYD in the Chinese brand , For example, GAC Toyota in the joint venture brand .

BYD is 20 Years like a day, long-term deep cultivation of battery and electric drive technology , In the last year DM-i After the model was born , Finally ushered in explosive growth ; GAC Toyota is another model .

since Since its establishment , GAC Toyota has been able to maintain its own rhythm and stable development , No matter how the market fluctuates , It can always go out of a relatively independent trend . such as ,2018-2020 China's passenger car market continued to 3 Annual decline , However , During this period, GAC Toyota has ushered in a wave of the strongest growth , Sales volume from 2017 Year of 44 Ten thousand units , Soar to 2020 Year of 76.5 Thousands of cars ( The following table )!

2021 year , GAC Toyota continued its strong growth , The annual sales volume exceeds 84 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 11%, It was the only mainstream joint venture brand that achieved double-digit growth in that year .

This year, 4 month , Although the sales volume of GAC Toyota also fell year-on-year 7.27%, however , The market fell year-on-year 43.4% ah ! Many mainstream joint venture brands are falling 60% above , In this case , This year, 4 month , GAC Toyota also surpassed FAW - The public 、 SAIC general 、 SAIC Volkswagen and other manufacturers , Won the monthly sales champion of joint venture brand passenger cars for the first time in history , And ranked among the top three in the industry for the first time .

By union 4 Monthly manufacturer sales list , Guangfeng won the first sales volume of the joint venture brand .

Of course, there is a certain chance , But it also has its inevitability .

Say it's accidental , Because some other mainstream joint ventures may be more affected by the epidemic , For example, Tianjin 、 Ji Lin , Recently, Shanghai and other places have strict epidemic prevention and control measures , Leading to large-scale shutdown , It must have had a huge impact on the sales of local car companies .

Say it's inevitable , Because before that , GAC Toyota has shown stronger potential for development , Although GAC Toyota was established relatively late in the mainstream joint venture car enterprises , But the sales ranking has risen rapidly ,2015 In, the sales volume of GAC Toyota ranked the first in the joint venture automobile enterprises 13 name ,2017 Rose to 10th in , To 2021 It has ranked among the top five , To be worthy of the name “ Head joint venture car enterprises ”.

Follow this trend , Even if there is no epidemic, this “ accidental ” factors , GAC Toyota's sales volume will also steadily rank among the forefront of joint venture brands . It's just , When the market environment is bad , GAC Toyota has stronger anti risk ability than its rivals 、 More sustained endogenous growth drivers , It will be more obvious .

Guangfeng 4 Of the month “ The top ” In fact, it is not a pure accident , At the China Travel Association this year 3 On the manufacturers' sales list in January , GAC Toyota's retail sales have risen to the second place of joint venture manufacturers , The year-on-year growth rate is far ahead .

The answer is in the model sales table

According to the statistics of China Automobile Association , This year, 1-4 month , The cumulative sales of domestic passenger cars fell year-on-year 4.2%, The cumulative sales volume of GAC Toyota in the same period 315534 car , Year-on-year growth 15.2%.

Why does GAC Toyota always minimize the impact of the overall environment on its sales ?

Why can we always have stronger anti risk ability than others when the market is weakest ?

The answer is simple , It's all written in the model sales table .

This year, 1~4 month , What is the most powerful sales support of GAC Toyota ?

The first is the star model “ Star effect ”.

1-4 month , camry ( Petrol version ) Cumulative sales 72317 car , Year-on-year growth 48.1%, Cumulative sales of Camry dual engines 13039 car , It has soared year-on-year 60%! camry 、 highlander 、 The total sales volume of Saina's three flagship reached 136813 car , Proportion is as high as 43.4%.

1-4 month , camry 、 highlander 、 Saina's three flagship have contributed to GAC Toyota 43.4% The sales of .

These three flagship models are star models in their respective market segments , Camry has been 6 Months “ Hegemony ” The sales volume of medium and high-end cars is the champion ; Hanlanda is from 2017 It began to win the title again and again 5 Medium and large-scale in SUV Sales champion ; The race that went on sale at the end of last year has been hard to find , Sales are much higher than expected , Before this year 4 The cumulative sales volume in the last month has exceeded 2 Ten thousand units , Achieve the annual sales target 51%.

Second, of course TNGA、 New technologies like dual engine hybrid .

2021 year , GAC Toyota's cumulative sales of dual engine hybrid models exceeded 18.2 Ten thousand units , Year-on-year growth 98%, The sales volume of hybrid models accounts for 22%, The highest in history ,2022 This proportion is expected to exceed 30%.

Saina adopts THS II Toyota fourth generation 2.5L Large capacity hybrid system .

In the field of hybrid power , GAC Toyota has created many national firsts : The total sales volume of hybrid vehicles in China ranks first 、 The sales volume of hybrid cars in China ranks first 、 National Hybrid SUV No. 1 in sales 、 The sales volume of single hybrid vehicle in China ranks first ( Lei Ling Shuang Qing ), Saina also continued 2 Won the National Hybrid in last month MPV Sales champion ……

Before this year 4 Months , GAC Toyota's cumulative sales of dual engine hybrid models 68285 platform , Proportion 21.6%, after 12 Years of market deepening , Dual engine hybrid has become a strong sales support for Guangfeng .

at present , GAC Toyota has the richest matrix of hybrid products in China —— share 7 paragraph 35 Two models of dual engine hybrid models , Across the car 、MPV、SUV Three categories , It covers multiple market segments from compact to flagship medium and high-grade vehicles . GAC Toyota will also continue to expand the coverage of hybrid models , Plan to 2023 year , GAC Toyota TNGA All models will be provided with dual engine hybrid version . As the most popular electric vehicle in the world, dual engine hybrid , It will also provide more powerful support for Guangfeng ——2025 year , GAC Toyota's target for the proportion of dual engine hybrid sales is to exceed 50%, Cumulative sales 230 Ten thousand units !

New cars are not the point , New value is

Although the macro economy has encountered some twists and turns , But the general trend of consumption upgrading is irreversible . therefore , In the case of economic downturn, how to better meet the upgraded consumer demand of users , This is a huge challenge for all auto manufacturers .

from 2018 In the first 8 Since Camry went public , It's only a short time now 4 Less than a year , In addition to Zhixuan and Zhixiang cars , All models of GAC Toyota have been completely refreshed —— Or it's a new model , Or the replacement has been completed .

Since the eighth generation Camry , GAC Toyota's main models have been completed TNGA Technical upgrading of architecture .

Of course , In the past few years, other manufacturers have also launched many new products , But what users want is not just a table “ A new car ”, It's a new experience , This requires you to bring users real new technology 、 New value —— This is also “ Consumption upgrading ” The essence of .

After the eighth generation Camry ,C-HR、 Vetlanda 、 The fourth generation hanlanda 、 Saina 、 Venza 、 Even compact cars like Lei Ling , It's all based on TNGA New products of Architecture , Both offer dual engine hybrid versions , All carried TSS 2.0 Intelligent technology . Without such new technology , It's still a familiar formula 、 Familiar taste , Just change your vest , So called “ A new car ”, It can not meet the upgraded needs of users in the new era .

therefore , Always able to continuously provide more advanced technology 、 Better products , It can always bring users more new experiences 、 New value , This is the fundamental reason why GAC Toyota can maintain its prosperity .

TNGA The reality has gone far beyond “ framework ” The concept itself , It's a new concept for making more advanced cars .

The core commodity value of family car is not in the parameter table

The above is from the perspective of the manufacturer , If you look at the market , GAC Toyota's strong performance in the weak market , In the view of Qingzhu, it is also a necessity for the domestic automobile market to be more rational and mature .

One fundamental difference between cars and other popular goods is , Security 、 Reliability is an important part of the comprehensive commodity value of automobile , For the most mainstream ordinary family car, it is even the most important part .

Published by China Automobile Circulation Association 《2021 Annual report on China's automobile maintenance rate 》 in , Camry 84.06% Of 3 The annual hedging rate ranks first in the joint venture medium-sized cars ; And hanlanda is even more powerful ,3 The annual hedging rate has reached an amazing 89.12%!

The young owner is the owner of Camry , The second one 6 The hybrid Camry is the most satisfactory car I have ever owned , Not because of its performance , Or how high the configuration is , But because of this 2011 Until now, the car that was licensed in has never had even a small failure ! More Than This , Some key performance indicators, such as power 、 Fuel consumption 、NVH etc. , There is little recession , Tell the truth , This surprised me very much , so to speak , This car updates my understanding of a good car .

The United States IIHS The safety test of is recognized as the most authoritative in the world ,IIHS Of “TSP+” It is also the highest honor in the field of automobile safety , Since the award 2013 Since its establishment in , Camry from 2014 Year to 2022 He was selected in consecutive years 9 Time !

Security 、 reliable , And quality service , The real core commodity value of these private cars cannot be reflected in the parameter table , Users' cognition of them needs a process . In recent years , The sales volume of GAC Toyota broke out against the trend , In my opinion, the accumulation of Hukou stele is enough to trigger “ qualitative change ” A market performance in the stage . With the continuous growth of user scale , This user reputation effect of GAC Toyota will continue to enlarge .

Toyota is a truly global brand , It's not just doing well in some markets , In North America 、 South America 、 The European 、 Asia-Pacific 、 In the Middle East 、 Southeast Asia 、 Including Africa , Toyota's performance in almost all markets around the world is very strong , Then this undifferentiated strong market performance must not be accidental .

This is the brand distribution of the best-selling models in all markets in the world . If it is the distribution chart of the first total sales volume of the brand , Toyota “ Territory ” It's going to be bigger .

Next , There are still many uncertain factors in the auto market , No one can accurately predict how the macro economy will develop , And unpredictability is a normal state of the market , therefore , For a brand , The only thing you can be sure of is —— Is to continuously improve the system capability , Ensure continuous value creation for users .

Of course , Everyone will inevitably fluctuate with the ups and downs of the environment , But with this ability , You can minimize the impact of the external environment .

The so-called steady and far-reaching , Probably should do such a solution .

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