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The original title :ES7 Good things are near , Weilai has the strongest performance SUV Exposure

Dang Wei Lai ET7 It's time to gradually attract everyone's attention , Weilai, who has been exposed some spy photos and information before ES7 There's new news , The Ministry of industry and information technology has its declaration information .

As a new model , It is also the second generation technology platform of Weilai NT2.0 First paragraph SUV,ES7 stay ET7 and ET5 Under the halo of , It doesn't seem to get enough attention , It's a lot of understatement , But since it's a SUV, Then its heat is destined not to be low .

The characteristics of the second generation platform are obvious

From the previous spy photos and the declared information of the Ministry of industry and information technology , Continuing the Design for AD The design concept of Weilai and the latest family design , The whole is still our familiar style , The bulge of the hood and the high waist line add a lot of strength .

The first thing worth noting is the combination of lidar and lookout tower camera on the roof , It is perfectly integrated into the body design in front of the roof , Not simply attached to the body , There is no sense of violation of the equipment installed on some other automatic driving test vehicles , It even highlights a certain sense of movement and strength . meanwhile , The arrangement at the height of the vehicle body can also fully ensure the best working environment and performance of the sensor .

Another is the first time in SUV The model uses the more popular through type LED Tail lights , It's no longer the iconic look of previous models , At the same time, the raised design on both sides of the tail lamp is perfectly integrated with the slightly raised tail door , The overall visual effect looks fuller . Plus a more inclined D Column and suspended roof design with upper and lower layers , Visually, it creates a clear sense of hierarchy . Plus the closed front face similar to the two cars , The overall sense of the whole shape is stronger .

Spatial dimension benchmarking X5、 Cayenne

ES7 The body size has reached 4912×1987×1720mm, The positioning is between the vehicle length 4850mm Of ES6 And the conductor 5022mm Of ES8 Between , Wheelbase is also between the two 2960mm, This size is roughly the same as that of imported X5、 Cayenne is more similar , Curb weight stay 2361-2400kg.

ES7 No gearbox 、 The inherent advantages of the transmission shaft and the simple design such as the cancellation of the passenger armrest box by Weilai , As a big 5 A model ,ES7 The performance of the interior space is expected to be better . meanwhile , Although it is still outstanding in performance data , however ES7 Will still focus on comfort , And it's not just the comfort of driving , But the comfort of the whole sensory experience .

Accelerated entry 3 Second club

ES7 Carrying the front 180kW after 300kW Drive combination , The total power of the system reaches 480kW, Peak torque 850Nm, Top speed 200km/h.ES7 In terms of power, it is basically the same as ET7 bring into correspondence with , Based on the previous ET7 The measured acceleration of 100 kilometers can basically reach 3.5 About seconds , expect ES7 You can also enter 3 Second club , Become the fastest in Wei Lai SUV.

Wei to ES7 Will pick up 75kWh and 100kWh Ternary lithium batteries of two specifications , Based on Wei Lai ET7 The endurance of these two battery packs is CLTC working condition 530 Kilometers and 675 km , expect ES7 The battery life with two battery packs is 480 as well as 600 km .

Located at ES8 and ES6 Between

From now on, Wei Lai ET7 In terms of configuration , expect ES7 It will also be equipped with the latest generation of digital cockpit as standard 、NT2.0 Autopilot hardware 、7.1.4 Immersive sound system 、 Air suspension 、 High cost functional configurations such as electric suction door and seat massage , In terms of intelligence and driving assistance, it is at least similar to ET7 Look at it . And reference ET7 44.8 The starting price of ten thousand yuan ,ES7 As SUV The price of models may increase , The starting price may be close to 50 Ten thousand yuan or so .

From the current market ,50 10000 level electric SUV Relative is still a blank , There is sufficient market space . And with the current ES8、ES6 and EC6 comparison ,ES7 Aiming is not necessary 7 seat 、 At the same time, I feel ES6 Users with limited space , That is to say , There are certain differences in positioning and price , therefore ES7 Will face a relatively different group of users , It doesn't overlap too much with the previous models .

On the other hand , There is still a lot of luxury fuel in this price SUV models , And according to Wei Lai ,ES7 It's a global model , It will also enter the European market in the future , And the price will be unified all over the world . and 50 Wan also probably fell behind BMW in the European market X5、 Luxury brands such as Porsche Cayenne SUV Price range of , Therefore, both in the domestic and European markets ,ES7 Our competitors also include many traditional fuels SUV models .

The new car offensive accelerated

from ES7 Start , The rhythm of Weilai's new car release will be different from that in the past , change NIO Day Published conventions . But it was originally planned to 4 Released in April ES7, It was postponed for various reasons , It is not expected to meet us this month , The new car is expected to be released next month . But also in ES7 after , From delivery to market , Weilai's overall rhythm will be faster than before , Expected after release Q4 You can deliver .

from ET7、ET5 Until then ES7, Weilai will complete the goal of delivering three cars at the same time this year , In the current global epidemic situation, we must face many challenges , But this is also a breakthrough that Weilai urgently needs to make in the market and performance , To make up for last year EC6 Up to now, the product has a relatively empty window period , And the expectation and confidence given to the capital market after Singapore's secondary listing . Return to Sohu , To view more

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