Bentley's new long wheelbase version was officially released, providing three seat configurations

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Undeniable? , Seven years ago , Bentley successfully shaped Tianyue ( Parameter picture ) This is an all new car , Not only created super luxury SUV Market segmentation , At the same time 7 It has also gained a good market reputation in the past few years , In the last year , Bentley's global sales reached 14659 platform , More than a third of the sales are attributed to Tianyue , This shows the success of its market performance . today , Standing at the height of the past , The newly added long wheelbase version was officially released , It not only positioned Bentley's ultra luxury flagship as , At the same time, it also announced the birth of the fifth car series of Bentley brand .

Newly added long wheelbase version, quick view of key points

Longer wheelbase 180mm, Three seat configurations are available

The new aviation class seat has the world's first temperature sensing and comfortable massage function

The interior is equipped with streamer diamond lattice Kit , Raise luxury to a new level

Can provide 240 100 million kinds of interior configuration combinations , From stitches to craft finishes

carrying 4.0TV8 power , It is equipped with all wheel steering and dynamic driving system

Due in 2022 Achieve customer delivery in the fourth quarter of 2014

Longer wheelbase 180mm Easily play a new height of luxury cockpit

you 're right , The new long wheelbase version is the first masterpiece of Bentley brand focusing on the concept of healthy and pleasant travel , The basis for achieving this goal is to add many innovative designs on the basis of lengthening the cockpit . The new long wheelbase version creates seats with innovative technology , Equipped with a variety of seat layout options , And the new anion purifier , Combined with more spacious cabin space , Bring the ultimate travel experience to the rear passengers . so to speak , This time on the basis of lengthening , The longer wheelbase version is added, and a high specification version is attached to you “ First class ”.

In the standard configuration “4+1” In the seat layout , The rear outboard seats provide 16 To the adjustable function , It also has heating ventilation and 5 Different massage functions , Ensure excellent comfort . The middle seat of the rear seat can provide spacious space for adult passengers , It is also convenient to place articles such as skis .

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