The naked car price is 50000, 100000, 150000, 200000 and 250000. Five cars worth buying

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Different people will have different needs , Some people buy cars just to make it easier to buy vegetables instead of walking , Some people buy cars to carry their dreams , I hope to have a car to accompany me to struggle and grow , Some people buy cars to better accompany their families , Today I recommend several models with different prices , Has met the needs of different groups

Wuling macro light MINIEV Naked car price 5 ten thousand

The appearance is small and exquisite , The interior is lovely and elegant, full of girl's heart . The air bag is equipped as standard 、7 Inch LCD dashboard 、ABS Anti lock system 、EBD Braking force distribution system 、 Reversing image 、 There are all the necessary air conditioners , motivation , Carrying a maximum power 30 KW permanent magnet synchronous motor , Mileage to 301 km , It is very suitable for families to buy vegetables instead of walking .

Changan Yidong naked car price 10 ten thousand

The appearance is young and fashionable , High beauty value . The interior workmanship fits perfectly , Uniform joint , The materials are exquisite and kind , The design of dual screen has a sense of science and Technology , The touch of the seat is excellent . The configuration can reach L2 Level intelligent driving assistance system , Providing safety assurance for our car shop . In terms of power, it carries 1.4T High pressure direct injection engine , The transmission is blue whale 7 Speed wet double clutch transmission . Its power and comfort are no worse than those of joint ventures of the same level . It is very suitable for young people who have just come out of society to drive .

changan CS75PLUS Naked car price 15 ten thousand

The appearance adopts “ New technology, wisdom and aesthetics ” Design concept of , Combine toughness with a sense of Technology . Very eye-catching , Interior upholstery 3 Two interior colors are available , A large area of leather , Don't touch it , It's comfortable to look at . Surround cockpit design , intelligence HUD、 Atmosphere lamp , The combination of integrated dual screen is not lost to hundreds of thousands of luxury cars . The configuration is equipped with IACC Full speed intelligent cruise system , Can be realized L2 Level II intelligent assisted driving . Power on 1.5T/2.0T The engine of , Matching Aisin 8AT Behind the gearbox , There is absolutely nothing to say about the power that erupted ! It's a light start , Overtaking is also a matter of stepping on the accelerator .

The song dynasty PLUSDM-i Naked car price 20 ten thousand

Luxurious and elegant appearance , The interior upholstery is also high-grade, full of feeling , A large area of soft material covering , And multifunctional leather steering wheel 、 Leather seats 、 Suspended center control panel , Car purifier , Intelligent music cockpit 、 Like the panoramic skylight, there are many , The riding space is far ahead of the models of the same level . Configure uphill assist 、 Road traffic sign recognition , Adaptive cruise 、 There are lane departure warnings ,L2 Level of driving assistance will not fall . motivation , Provided with 1.5T The engine , matching E-CVT transmission , The motor is equipped with 145kw Front permanent magnet synchronous motor , Bring the driving texture of pure electric vehicles , At the same time, it can surpass 1200KM Comprehensive range of

Toyota Camry naked car price 25 ten thousand

The appearance is fashionable and young , It also has a certain sense of luxury and business , Very recognizable . interiors , Adopt asymmetric design , The center console presents Y Type curve , The overall sense of hierarchy is very good , The interior space is very spacious , Simple lines , Looks very young and trendy . Large area adopts metal wire drawing design , And soft material packages look very textured . Equipped with knee airbag as standard in the whole system , also L2 Level Zhixing security system , It can provide the driver with all-round safe driving assistance . Dynamic part , carrying 2.0L、2.5L as well as 2.5L Hybrid power system , The driveline will match CVT、8 Speed hand self - integration as well E-CVT transmission . The power output is very linear , Very comfortable , And it's very fuel-efficient .

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