Honda and LG new energy are considering building a battery plant in Ohio

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6 month 8 Japan , According to the interface news report , I learned from a number of sources , Honda and LG New energy (LG Energy Solution) We are considering building a new battery factory in Ohio .

It is reported that , Ohio, located in the Midwest of the United States, is considered an advantageous candidate , Because Honda owns a car factory here , This will be convenient LG Transportation of new energy . however , Sources said , This is not the final decision , The location may change .

before , Honda executives have said , The company plans to arrive at 2030 In, millions of electric vehicles were produced using three new special platforms , One of them will be developed jointly with general motors . in addition , The company plans to arrive at 2030 Produced globally in 200 Ten thousand electric cars , Including the medium-sized vehicles being developed in cooperation with General Motors . Castle Peak , Honda's goal is to 2030 Produced in North America in 75 Wan to 80 Ten thousand electric cars , The output in China is also roughly the same , Reproduction in Japan and other markets 40 Wan to 50 Ten thousand electric cars .

The data shows , Honda motor ( China ) The limited company was established in 2003 year 9 month 8 Japan , It is the first product in the history of Chinese automobile 100% Export vehicle manufacturing enterprises . The company is located in Guangzhou Export Processing Zone, Guangdong Province , Covers an area of 45 Thousands of square meters , Built with advanced welding 、 Painting 、 Assembly workshop and vehicle inspection line . The company is mainly engaged in vehicle production and global KD Two major businesses . From its inception to 2014 year 4 month , The company produces economical cars Jazz and Fit, All products are exported to European countries and Canada in North America . By 2014 year 4 month , It has exported nearly to Europe and North America 26 Thousands of cars , Through unremitting efforts , The company's products have been highly recognized by customers in Europe and North America .

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